Please Love Me, Mr. George

Chapter 63 Of Course He Cares

“Go to take shower!” his voice suddenly cut my fancy.

I turned around and saw him staring at me with his dark eyes. While looking into his mysterious eyes, I felt like flinching. So I shifted my eyes off from his and hurried into the bathroom.

Though the shower sounded loud, I could still clearly hear the phone ring in the bedroom. I supposed it might be Dennis’s. However, I saw him holding my phone against his ears with a sullen face when I came out.

Not until then did I realize that he answered a call on my phone. I hurried over and asked, “Who is it?”

He showed no response but to hand me the phone.

I took it over and saw from the screen that it was Luis. I frowned, wondering why he called me.

I held the phone against my ear and said, “Hello, Mr. Collins!”

I tried to be formal so as to avoid being wronged by Dennis.

He just leaned against on the sofa and fixed his eyes on his own phone with a sullen face still.

“I have dealt with the headline. And I am sure it’s necessary to have a press conference.” Luis said seriously.

His reply was a bit out of my expectation. So I nodded, “Okay, thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.” But he still seemed to bury something in his mind. Then his voice sounded again, “I will make you officially recognized as Mrs. Collins for the sake of my crush on you!”

I hurried to stop the topic, “Good night then!”

Dennis was staring at me

shouldn’t continue. So I hung up and put the phone away. I said to Dennis while looking at him, “It’s about

kept explaining. So I stopped even though

I turned around and saw him, who was just focusing on his phone on the sofa, suddenly stand behind me. Before I could react, he started to dry


away the towel and ordered domineeringly,

I was stunned.

one knee. Not until then did I realize that he

was rendered burning blushed. Then I looked at him, “You don’t

words when looking into his

It felt a bit weird. I felt like breaking the

still being mad?” I asked

dark eyes. His

meant. I thought he was talking about the cramp. I shook my head as it was

“I am fine.”

he stopped again and was about to leave. I grabbed to stop him out of instinct, “Dennis, if you are still mad at me, you can shout at me! But

impassive attitude towards me really annoyed me a

quizzical, “Mad at you? So do you want to do something

I was rendered speechless.

hard while looking at his cold face. Then I sat up

annoyed because of my clumsiness. He pushed me away and

murmured, “If I were skillful enough in sex, you wouldn’t have enjoyed your relationship with


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