Please Love Me, Mr. George

Chapter 65 Being Threatened

I put away all the tea set and my phone started to buzz again. I was rendered nervous as soon as I saw the caller’s ID. I hurried into the bedroom before I could continue with the talk with Nanny Daisy.

“What are you doing?” I answered the phone as I entered the bedroom. I couldn’t help trembling all over while answering.

Then I heard him chuckling, “Clara, why are you being so nervous? As your brother, can’t I just have a chat with you?”

I hated hearing his insidious chuckles. I bit my lips hard, “Leo, we are not kids like what we used to be five years ago. Now both of us should live our own lives. Please, let it go.”

I would rather die than live in the hell he created.

“Clara, come on, we are brother and sister! How could I bear to depart from you! Even my life has gone meaningless without you. I need you!” though he tried to convince me with warm words, it still sounded horrible.

I was almost driven into a breakdown. I shouted through the phone, “Leo, what the hell do you want from me?”

He had always acted like a phantom, haunting me and scaring me.

“I want you!” then he hung up the phone after this hair-raising answer.

Before I could collect myself, I got a text from him, ‘No.221, GF Street. Clara, do remember to show up on time at 4:00 PM.’

Though it was just a brief text, it still took me quite a lot of efforts to regain my calmness. While grabbing my phone hard, I told myself that I would never get trapped once again.

Since I could never get rid of Leo, I decided to figure out a solution to convince him to stay away from me.

Then my phone was buzzing again.

It was a call from Dennis. I picked it up and heard his cold voice, “Dress yourself up and get ready for a banquet with me tonight.”

I was still distraught because of Leo, I paused and then asked, “Is it important? I feel like staying at home because

seconds of silence, he asked seriously, “Are you

that bad. But I feel

asked tentatively, “Is it a really

sounded husky and restrained. No one could tell

texted Diana. Then I dressed up and drove to the

sunny at 4:00 PM. The street was bustling and hustling as usual. When

number but no one answered.

at me, “Excuse me, are you

I nodded.

Don’t worry. Mrs. Kennedy has told us everything we

to the VIP room. After giving assignments to the other staffs, she led me to pick up

what Leo was going to do to me.

I was fixed in front of a dresser and then the lady smiled at me, “Miss Kennedy,

ten minutes to finish the makeup. I frowned while looking at my face

Leo still didn’t show up. Instead, there was a black Bentley expecting me outside

to get in. I said to the chauffeur with my arms crossed,

your trust?”

are right

seemed to be a bit surprised. But he still wore a smile, “Don’t worry, Miss Kennedy. Mrs. Kennedy just fancies attending a

still stayed alert because I had no

“Miss Kennedy, please don’t embarrass me. Besides, Mrs. Kennedy has also learned that you

threatened me with

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