Please Love Me, Mr. George

Chapter 68 Provocation

But Marcus always appeared to be too clumsy to stir up trouble. Whenever he provoked me, he would only end up making himself mad. And that was exactly what happened at this moment.

So he could do nothing but to embarrass me.

I frowned while looking at the stained suit jacket, “Mr. Thomson, I suggest you should not leave it to me. Otherwise, you even look worse when standing beside Olivia with a wet suit jacket.”

“Just do it!” the banquet was about to formally begin. Luna got on stage elegantly to deliver opening remarks. Marcus didn’t want to continue to argue with me. He walked over to Olivia while holding a plate of food and handed over to her.

Olivia turned to look at me when noticing Marcus’s sullen face. Then a provocative and disdainful smile showed on her delicate face.

I cast an indifferent glimpse at her as reply. While staring at the stained suit jacket, I was rendered distracted. But then Dennis suddenly approached with a little gift box from nowhere.

He said coldly, “Here is the birthday gift for Mr. Thomas.”

After saying that, he stuffed it on my palm. He frowned while noticing the suit jacket I was holding, “Whose is it?”

“It’s Marcus’s! I accidentally stained his jacket just now.” While speaking, I looked at the box, wondering if he had specifically prepared for it.

He glanced at the jacket impatiently and said, “Just dump it!”

The lobby soon turned to be more bustling when Olivia was led to stage with Luna. I squinted, “Mr. George, why don’t you come on stage with her?”

He seemed to be in a bad mood. So he only replied coldly, “Clara, don’t you deem it necessary to explain your story with Leo?”

If he had asked me the same question about half an hour ago, I would have been patient enough to give a clear explanation. However, now I didn’t even want to talk to him.

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wrist so hard that I felt a bit hurt. He tried to suppress his anger,

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brightly. Then he said to Luna, “This girl does look alike you when you were young. And I can even feel that her tough nature seems to be

saw her for the first sight.

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