Please Love Me, Mr. George

Chapter 71 Dennis and Leo

“Ah, how’d you get so hurt?” Busy in the kitchen, Daisy had been paying attention to the door. Seeing Dennis back, she hurriedly rushed to him.

Sitting on the sofa, I looked over, to see Dennis standing upright there with bruises and bloodstain on his face.

Daisy went to fetch the first-aid box. I gave him a glance and then looked faintly at Daisy, “It’s late now, and I am gonna go conk out.”

Daisy opened her mouth but said nothing.

Avoiding his deep look, I directly went upstairs.

Sometimes, your offered care was nothing to him. I had something kept from him, so did he.

When I came out of the bathroom, Dennis was smoking in the balcony, lonely and cold.

Giving a careless look at him, I looked away and got seated before the dresser, starting my skin protection.

A long while later, he came out of the balcony, glancing at me, and then he headed straight to the bathroom.

It’s way late. Drying my hair, I went to bed.

Strange bedfellows can describe our relationship.

Night fell. It’s quite quiet at night in Newton Town, while the woodnotes in the garden made the night alive. The moonlight through the window fell in the bedroom, dazzling.

I slightly moved, feeling a little bit uncomfortable. Suddenly, I felt a hand on me.

I woke up, to find that Dennis was going to have sex.

Narrowing eyes, I uttered, “I have no feeling to you while sober, no mention that I am in a sleep.”

My words froze him, and anger showed up in his eyes, “You are revenging?”

Drowsy, I closed eyes, “Out of question.”

me violently, “Because I didn’t do you

frowned. As expected, behind the decent appearance was a dodgy

lips, I endured and tried hard to make no

he snorted, “Is the ‘no feeling’ an excuse to refuse

I froze and let

the bed stand, and was going to lift me to the bathroom as

when he looked over at me, he narrowed eyes. His

hoarse voice, he asked, “Why

I felt sharp ache from the belly. And the flowing blood told me that my baby was leaving

felt great pain from

bed and bumped into

Indifferently, I just watched.

his phone, swiping the screen with shivering fingers. It took him long to give

with panic in his voice, “She is bleeding, badly. I need

the bathroom, and got out

he crunched to wipe the blood,

blooding, I looked at him imperturbably, and then

and confusion was

didn’t look over at me. Failing to stop the blood,

lifted me. I can feel

in the

short while later, a crowd of people got in, pushing a hospital bed. Dennis put me on the bed, looking at me with complex

wouldn’t like

to the hospital, even in the

it’s not a long and endurable

was saved or not, there was a wider gap between me and

sleepy, and we will spare no efforts to save your baby. Don’t worry.” The doctor spoke before the

I nodded, closing eyes.

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