Please Love Me, Mr. George

Chapter 75 You Help Me Dry My Hair

In the closet, I just had some clothes in it which were frequently used. But I had no idea when he moved his clothes here.

I just left that behind, because I knew that we will have a fight if I went behind that.

After drying the hair, I went to bed.

Half hour later, Dennis walked out of the bathroom, but he soon lied down on the bed after wiping roughly the water.

I didn’t like the wetness, so I moved away from him, wrapped in the quilt. But Dennis pulled me over with the quilt together, "Don't always keep away from me, and life is still long. Don’t we have to treat each other like that?"

There was less coldness on his voice, instead of helplessness.

“I am not avoiding you, but you are still wet.” I uttered, drowsy.

He let me go, but handed over the bath towel to me, “You dry my hair.”

I dried him reluctantly.

“It’s dry now.” I turned over and was intended to fall asleep, pulling the quilt.

He lay down again and put his arm around my waist. “You'll dry my hair in the future.”

I didn't say a word and felt a little sad. "Dennis George, you feel guilty for me, don't you?" Because of the guilt, so he wanted to get close and make up!

It’s quiet. Keeping eyes closed, I was so sad. Only guilt can make two people who didn’t love each other share the rest of their life?

“Never again!” His voice rang beside my ear, and he kissed me on the shoulder, “I will do it better.”

I lost my words.

Times flowed. In his arms, I cannot fall asleep. I can hear his breath, and he was in a sleep.

I turned over and took his hand away from my belly. But he suddenly held my hand. I frowned, “Dennis, I cannot fall asleep with you like that.”

“Well.” He replied.


not help but open my eyes and look at


a torture

closed my eyes slightly, but soon I fell

tired. I was woken up early by Dennis in the morning. I opened my eyes in a daze and saw

realized he was holding

got sober in a second and

sink. From back, he held my hand while washing and his voice was a little deep

nodded. It was only six o 'clock in the morning, and I wouldn't have wake up at this time. After washing up,

on my forehead. "Sleep!" Then he changed his

sound of a car

wasn't long after Dennis left

again, it was already nine o 'clock.


the other end


am waiting for you in the

and instinctively said, "I'll eat

I heard a knock from the door in the phone. He began to be busy. As expected, after a while he said, "I

Then he hung up.

for a while. After washing, I came downstairs and saw Daisy making tea. Toby was sitting in the living room in

smiled when she saw me. "Clara, Mr. George asked Toby to pick you up for

at the kitchen. Daisy didn’t cook the breakfast, and

nodded and went out of the

Toby took me straight to Dennis' office, serving me a glass of water, and then he left, while Dennis was still

plate of cranberries in front of me. He then kissed me on

up, I had no appetite. Sitting on the sofa,

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