Please Love Me

Chapter 25

I went home feeling down. I am still thinking of Enzo and Monica...ugh! I hate it! That’s my place! Even though he’s a womanizer, I know that no one can be that close to him except me...until she came.

I can’t sleep, so I decided to open my Facebook. I smiled bitterly when I saw Enzo changed his display picture. It is a picture of him while Monica is kissing him on his cheeks.


Sydney Villafuerte: who is she?

Enzo Marvie Martinez: soon to be my girl :)

Sydney Villafuerte: No!

Sunshine Andrea Rodriguez: I second the motion..

Maico Ian Flores: Hoodlums!

Zion Drake Mercado: That’s good:)

Enzo Marvie Martinez: What the fuck Zi??

Zion Drake Mercado : You chose to me :p

Despite the tears, I can’t help, but to smile because of Sunny. That girl… And Sydney...Even though she’s in Singapore, she still likes enzo.

I decided that I won’t go to Flavours since it’s just Foundation Day. I stopped on my track when I saw Enzo laughing with Mom. I remember how I feel last night. Tss. I go to the kitchen without looking at him.

"Morning Pat..." Enzo greeted me happily.

I sighed and looked at him. Isn’t it obvious that I don’t want to talk to him.

"Morning.." His forehead creased.

at him sice he’s looking at

"Did you cry?"

would I? Is someone dead?" I just noticed now

on Wattpad since I have nothing to do.

when Enzo appeared in front of me. He’s holding a

can’t help, but to smile secretly. He really knows how he


we going?” I asked

scared that




made me

me with a

we doing there?

One moment he’s disregarding me, and then the next thing I know is that he makes me feel important. In fact, there’s no problem with him. I

of flowers and birds. We are actually on top

beautiful." He’s looking

a basket, a mat, and a set

huh?" He just

"Not really.."

didn;t notice that it is late. From where we are sitting, we can see the brightness

we looked at


make a wish."

wish to a falling star, is it? Of all things that I could wish for, the only thing that I did is for enzo to love me back. I wish he could see me. I wish he could love me as me, not his best friend.

after I bid my wishes. I almost jumped when I saw

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