Predestined Marriage

Chapter 541I Can't Even Ask?

Stanley paused for a moment before saying, "I went out this afternoon."

Summer nodded and thought of something, then she asked, "Was it urgent? You forgot to bring your phone."

It was not in Stanley's nature to forget to bring his phone unless something urgent had happened.

Stanley didn't pick it up the first time Summer called him. The second time she called, he hung it up very soon. Then the phone was turned off.

So, Stanley forgot to bring his phone. That might explain why the phone was turned off. The battery might have run out.

Stanley smiled. "It's not very urgent. I've solved it."

Although Stanley was smiling, Summer could tell he was a bit cold and indifferent from his expression and tone. It made her somewhat uncomfortable.

So, Summer touched Leonardo, signaling him that they could leave now.

Leonardo leaned against the sofa comfortably, as if he was at home.

Summer was lost for words. What was going on with Leonardo? Did he enjoy staying at Stanley's place?

Summer pushed Leonardo.

Leonardo glanced at Summer, and then he looked up at Stanley, "Do you have any coffee?"

Now he sounded like ordering coffee in a coffee shop.

Stanley narrowed his eyes and looked a little impatient. But then he got up and went to make coffee for Leonardo.

When Stanley left to make coffee, Summer whispered to Leonardo, "What do you want to do? We should go back."

"As long as we're here, we might as well stay longer. What’s the hurry?"

It sounded like Leonardo's grief talking. However, his tone was no different from usual, and Summer could not tell if he was angry.

Summer could not figure out what Leonardo was thinking, so she gave up on trying. She stood up and walked to Stanley.

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