Predestined Marriage

Chapter 831Fame and Fortune

Tim paused for a moment.

He looked at Summer with a complicated expression, "When Mr. Emerson was still in the company, I asked him this question. He said it was up to you."

Summer could not see her own expression at this moment, but she knew she must look very surprised at this moment.

After a while, she sneered, "He anticipated everything."

Tim changed the topic and said, "The meeting is about to begin."

Summer and Tim entered the conference room one after the other.

Tim put down the documents and pulled out the chair for Summer. After Summer sat down, she looked around.

The people attending the meeting were experienced management personnel of the Emerson Group, and each of them seemed to be experienced.


feel their dissatisfaction. Summer, a woman, did not know anything about

slightly bent down and whispered, "It's

chair, her

sure everyone here already knows something about

saying that, she paused for a moment and paid

silent. They were

know I'm not as good as Leonardo. However, I am the boss of the Emerson Group now and the group at my disposal. Everyone has paid countless painstaking efforts for the Emerson Group. I believet with the joint efforts of everyone, the Emerson Group will continue to

hadn't a great gift for business. Even if she worked hard to learn, it was impossible for her to straighten out the affairs of a

they enjoyed

in her hands. She was not threatening them, but she never had any ambitions

were different. They could only get such a high annual salary in the Emerson Group. Only in the Emerson

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