Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1031Take Pity on Him

A few days after Douglas left, Jessica came.

Jessica brought a lot of food and daily necessities for Summer. She brought two large suitcases, one for her own and the other for Summer.

Carl also came with Jessica. He looked at Summer and stayed silent at the side.

Jessica went to the bathroom after chatting for a while with Summer. Carl sat a little far away from Summer before.

After Jessica left, he moved closer and asked with a serious expression, "How are you recently?"

When he saw Summer just now, he felt her health condition was even worse than last time. He wasn't sure if he was wrong.

Leonardo had put in so much effort to cure Summer, so it shouldn't be useless at all. How could she get worse?

smile. Her memory seemed to recover a little, but her body was still the same as

"Take good care of yourself and be happy.

laughed and said, "Thank you. I didn't expect to hear

head, "Summer, you must take it seriously.

her face suddenly disappeared. Her expression gradually

asked Leonardo about you. Guess what

expression that Leonardo didn't say

was to let Jessica and I take care of Rosie for

leaned back in her chair. Her throat was

recover as soon as possible. Think for Leonardo, you should take pity on him. He's really not

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