Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1041 My Request Should be Met

After Rosie went back to school, Summer got increasingly bored with daily life.

She was with Leonardo all day long. Sometimes, Leonardo was engaged with his work. Most of the time, however, he was with Summer.

Summer's daily schedule was filled by medicine, checkup, sleeping... She had to repeat the same routine every day. However, Summer was much better mentally, and, to her surprise, she felt her health was improving.

At least, she felt more energetic now. She wasn't as sleepy as before. Leonardo had noticed Summer's recovery much earlier than herself.

Ever since she left the hospital, her health was getting worse, and she needed a lot of sleep. Every morning, she would wake up to find Leonardo gone. He was either at the study or sitting by the bed with a document in his hand.

However, when Summer woke up today, she surprisingly found Leonardo was still lying beside her. The curtains were drawn, and she was not sure what time it was, nor could she get up.

She stared at the ceiling for a while, and was ready to sleep again, but she couldn't sleep anymore after she closed her eyes.

When she was about to open her eyes, she heard Leonardo's voice. "What's up?"

opened her eyes and found Leonardo, whose eyes were closed before, had opened, and his eyes

just woken up. He felt Summer tossing about and murmured,

to look at Leonardo and asked, "What time is

since Summer woke up. Her eyes were bright, but her hair

head and kissed Summer's forehead. Then, he stroked Summer's head again,

and it was just half

pulled his hand back

him, "But

saying that, Leonardo pulled the blanket and said,

sleep." said Summer, who

his eyes and said, "How about getting

interested in anything in the past. Now, once she

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