Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1044 Don't Make Such Jokes

Douglas' school had very strict rules, so he couldn't leave the school without application. Last time, he could leave because Leonardo had pulled some strings. However, he showed up now.

Douglas said nothing, but looked at Summer in a strange manner.

Summer frowned. She glanced at the side and saw that Savanah had already fallen to the ground.

Summer didn't know what to do for a moment. She stared at Savanah for a few seconds, and after confirming that it was indeed Savanah, she turned to Douglas and said, "What happened to her?"

Douglas remained silent. Facing such a strange man, Summer had a bad guess in her head. But she didn't want to believe it.

Summer said calmly, "Douglas, can you call someone to see Savanah? She might be sick."

"She's not sick." Douglas slowly walked towards Summer with an expression of indifference that he never had. "She was just knocked out by me."

entire body trembled as she looked at Douglas in disbelief. "Douglas, please don't make such a joke.

up until now, all he did

didn't want to think much about it. She believed that Douglas was a good child by nature, as she had watched

wanted to take good care of Douglas when the Emerson family was on a total

man. He looked at Summer with no expression, and

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in a wheelchair, Summer had nowhere to run. She only felt a pain in the back of her

she lost consciousness, Summer was thinking that Leonardo would lose his temper

kindergarten. When he arrived, Tim was waiting for

body through the window. He opened the door and got out of

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