Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1049 You Know It Too

Questioned by Summer, Douglas turned pale. In this case, Summer could not bear to question him any further.

Douglas remained silent and stood still. Seeing this, Summer whispered to him, "Douglas?"

Douglas suddenly looked up with red eyes, "Summer, did you say you wanted us to have a talk?"

Summer thought he had come around. So she nodded, "Yes."

Unexpectedly, Douglas replied, "Did he talk to me when he drove my mother crazy and sent her to a mental hospital?" Douglas said in a hoarse voice.

Summer widened her eyes, "Where did you hear that?"

Douglas stared at her without blinking. He seemed to have confirmed his guess. He slowly asked, "You know it too, don't you?"

Summer did know the whole story. At that time, she felt it was for Douglas' own good that she hid those dirty secrets of the Emersons from him.

being questioned by Douglas, she wasn't sure if Leonardo and she had done

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and disappointed. Facing Douglas, Summer was unable to utter a single word

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He only wanted to force Leonardo to tell him what had happened

you very much. No matter what happens between me and Leonardo, you are always my sister. Don't worry, I will not make things difficult

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