Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1053It Looks Like Ms. Summer Knows Me

"Is she awake?"


"The effects didn't wear off?"

"Yes, we used a little more in case she woke up half way. She will wake up soon."

"Get prepared. We'll run tests as soon as she wakes up."

In a daze, Summer heard the conversation. Sometimes it was clear, but sometimes it was not. And it became quiet at last.

Summer opened her eyes, her head still dizzy. She stared blankly at the ceiling for a while and heard the sound of some medical devices, which was rhythmical, cold and depressing.

She slowly turned her head and looked around, finding herself in a laboratory. It looked like the one that Leonardo had built for Stanley.

did Douglas take her? She only remembered that she fainted after the meal, but she did not know it wasn't

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moved her body and

her so that she could fell on it when she was too weak to sit up on her


couldn't see the door in her position. The

from outside. The woman wore a mask and saw Summer leaning against the bed. She looked at

could utter a sound, the woman turned around and went out. Although she had no idea why the woman went

the door was pushed open again. Summer looked in the direction of the door and

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to her and said gently, "You're

at him, "Who

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