Pregnant With Twins: My CEO’s Tricky Love

Chapter 632 Vanessa Finally Saw JJ

No one knew the news that something bad had happened to Isabel.

In that afternoon, Elsie, Wilson, Vanessa, and Sam all boarded on Adam's private jet and headed to the place where Adam currently lived.

It was said that it was a small island in the Pacific Ocean. And the plane flew for almost seven hours before it finally managed to stop at the tarmac on the island.

Sam made a lot of noise on the plane and didn’t fall asleep until a few hours into the second half of the flight, looking a bit uncomfortable with the flight.

When everyone got off the plane, Adam beamed at them.

"The house on my island is super big. There are many guest rooms. Come with me and pick one?"

After saying this, Adam looked at Vanessa.

"The boy is right here. Don't worry. You settle this boy first. After that, my maid will carry the boy out and you will all be able to see him."

Vanessa said a thank you to him. There is a time difference. When their flight took off, it was the afternoon in Svero but early evening on the island. After seven hours of flight, it was still afternoon on the island.

Almost everyone was not well-rested. The island was dense and crowded. They could see a super tall building in the center from a short distance.

It was a super large castle building. Elsie was impressed by its scale.

When they got to the castle, the first thing she saw was that there was a super huge garden before the castle. It seemed that rich people knew how to enjoy life way much better.

This island belonged to Adam. What was the feeling to possess such a huge mansion?

Elsie thought to herself and couldn't help laughing. And Wilson who was next to her asked her.

"Why do you keep laughing? Is there something strange about this place?"

"I was just thinking. If it's a person who doesn't know the way, and he lives in this huge mansion, will he get lost? It would be hard for him to know the way here."

"If someone could afford such a huge mansion, he would also afford some maids. Wouldn’t he?"

Wilson answered her, and Elsie gave the man a cold look.

all. Why don’t you have a sense of humor? You should imagine that this huge castle is inhabited by only one person.

his mouth shut. He was not good at arguing with women, especially

front of the castle, some maids had waited there and picked

center, with a particularly large and long sofa, and Elsie rushed forward

flight. Even though they had a nap on the airplane, it wasn't a good one. They

the boy now?

her grandmother before she died. His nickname was JJ. He was good at swimming. He likes

let out a smile that everyone had barely seen. He hadn’t seen his boy for a long time. He

the nanny if he's asleep now. If he's not, I'll

turned towards the inside.

conversation with the butler,

guys have a rest first. After dinner, you will see him. Now, go wash

arranged for the maid to take everyone to the guest room. Vanessa had no choice but to go to the guest room

what it was, that

was on the second floor. Elsie and Wilson lived in the same room. When they unboxed their belongings in the

How can he not

Do you want him to arrange

let out a rhetorical

Vanessa. It's been a long time since the last time I was with her. So, you live here

and Wilson could only shake his head

immediately went to the next room and then helped

belongings, for she had to look after

stuff with them, for he had everything they needed for a boy on the

ignore his suggestion at

Vanessa had done her unboxing, Elsie

tell her that we are safe. It's already midnight on her side. She

My phone


already dark when they woke up at 8:00 in

who cried out and even climbed up to Elsie’s body and

soon as she saw Sam pinched her nose,

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