Presiden's  wild wife

Presiden's wild wife

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Chapter 773 - More guidance for the rest of your life

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Presiden's wild wife novel introduction:

Elena came home and caught her fiance having sex with her sister Emma. They had been cheating on her and betrayed her together. What was more, they even drugged her and sent her to Logan’s bed...Logan Brown, the dream lover of every woman in H city, was rich, handsome and incredibly powerful and most of all, he was Emma’s fiance. But Emma didn’t wanted to marry him because an accident happened two years ago caused his disability and he had to spend the rest of his life on the wheelchair.After that steamy night, Elena woke up and found herself forced to marry Logan by Emma and her dad to exchange for the work capital for her family. Elena was desperate and had no choice. She sacrificed herself for her family and married Logan. But just when she thought she was hopeless, she seemed to find Logan different from what rumors said. Would she survive Emma’s vicious tricks? Would she find her true love? Or was everything just planned well beforehand?

Presiden's wild wife novel spoil:


The sound of landing on the ground was extraordinarily loud, and the two men looked at each other, both seeing the dismay in each other's eyes.

Jacqueline gritted her teeth and grabbed her by the hair when she was about to bend down to pick it up, pulling her backwards.

The stifled aggression just now immediately surged to the forefront of her mind, causing her a burst of irritation and anger, picking up the pistol before raising her hand and giving her a fierce slap, "You bitch, how dare you do it!

"Jacqueline!" Elena tightened her grip and clenched her lower lip, "You just said I'm not the killer, so why won't you leave me alone?"

"Let you go? Don't even think about it!"

Jacqueline glared at her with hatred, "No matter what, you are the culprits! Not one of you will escape ......"

"What did you say ......"

Elena's words have not yet finished, Jacqueline has patted her cheek slightly smiled, "It does not matter what I say, what is important is ...... you just know that Logan wanted to make a deal with me, but I refused, you know why? "

Elena didn't ask, and Jacqueline spoke for herself.

"Because I know better than anyone that you all just wanted to use me from the beginning to the end, first Emma and Mason played me like a monkey, and then Logan thought he could make a deal between us and get me on his side to help him save you... ..."

But even so, she wouldn't fall for that!

Rather than continue to be stupid fake hands, it is always better to do it yourself!

Just as well, don't all their eyes fall on her? Then she will help them well ......

The more Elena heard, the more she blurted out, "Did Emma kill Jacqueline!?"

"Stop it!" Jacqueline snapped at her, "This is not a matter for you to discuss."

"How can I not care when my life is at stake?" She smiled.

Jacqueline patted her cheek, finding her still struggling look adorable, and the look in her eyes that she couldn't wait to get back to Logan.

She attached to her ear and smiled lowly, "Don't worry, I'll make sure Logan and you are reunited ......"

Reunion in the underworld!

Elena looked at the madness under her eyes and asked, "Jacqueline, what are you planning in your mind?"

"I have my own plans!" Jacqueline grunted, and the next second her vision snapped, "Well, enough gossip, go back!"

Elena didn't give up and tried to convince her, "Jacqueline, you just found out the truth about Yolanda's death, right? If you know, why don't you let me go? Instead, you want to help Emma?"

"That's my own business."

"But don't you hate it? She used you."

"Shut up!"

In the dead of night in the clearing, the two looked at each other, and Elena could hear her secret grinding of teeth, unmistakably harsh!

She shrugged her shoulders and suddenly laughed out loud, "Jacqueline, this is not a fact that I can change if I stop talking? It's happened, it's happened to you, and you? Are you going to continue to listen to Emma and work for her? Don't forget ...... that's the real killer of your daughter!"

Even if she didn't know what was going on, but vaguely, she could guess what was going on.

Jacqueline's grim face was turned towards her, and Elena's voice followed with a sudden coldness, reminding her word for word, "Jacqueline, and your face, do you think that's really a plastic surgery failure?"


Jacqueline only felt her head explode, her face, after returning completely changed, but can still be distinguished by the vague outline and Jacqueline there, has long been unable to get money to her!

In order to save money in all aspects, she finally chose to destroy herself.

Let that already ugly to the extreme face more and more ugly, even, human, ghost! But she until just now until the moment Emma killed Emma until now, have not thought of this problem ......

Elena's eyes flashed a ghostly light, the face grinned up a smile, shrugged, "Only these I just say, you do not have to take it too seriously."


Jacqueline looked at her and couldn't help but sigh with emotion, "You're so eloquent, I never thought of that, but you've said it all over again!"

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