Presiden's wild wife

Chapter 182 Redo The Project

It was about business. They had to face the challenges and difficulties anyway. Though Kent never existed, someone else would cause trouble. So Elena had nothing to do with this case.

Logan pinched her hand, repeating, “Listen. It’s not your fault. Don’t blame yourself. He will try every means to get close to me if he wants to find his place in H City. So, it’s not your fault.”

“Really?” Elena doubted it.

Logan nodded, “Yes. Don’t underestimate the influence of KL in H City. Kent may have connections in G City. But if he wants to expand his map here, he has to find someone whom he can use or rely on.”

Therefore, Kent tried to get Logan’s support. If Logan took his side, he could get on his feet in H City in no time.

Though Elena didn’t understand the theory of business, she felt relieved after hearing his words. She thought that it was her fault, but actually it wasn’t.

“Don’t overthink. I will handle it. As for the bid, you don’t have to worry too much about it.”

Elena nodded.

Jacob came back, “Sir.”

Logan frowned, “Kent may have spies in KL, or bribes someone in KL. So don’t turn to Group One. Just ask Group Three to amend their proposal.”

“How come? Our people won’t be corruptible.” Jacob blurted out.

Logan squinted at him, “We can never be sure. Don’t you forget Cornel’s people were arranged into the board before? So, it’s possible that Kent’s people are in KL now.”

Jacob understood what he meant, and felt ashamed, “Sorry, Sir. I am so careless that they get the chance to have access to our proposal!”

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