Presiden's wild wife

Chapter51 The So-called Father

Logan sent the photos to Elena once he got them. Elena was in a good mood and called a taxi immediately. “Wait for me at home, I’m back now!"

The call was over but Logan still stared at his phone, smiling dotingly. Jacob had gradually got used to this. It seemed that after Elena appeared in Logan’s life, he became more emotional and lively. He wondered if Elena had some kind of magic.

When Elena got back, Mia welcomed her immediately. “Why are you so early today, Madam?”

Elena changed her shoes and cracked a smile. “The work is finished smoothly so I leave earlier!”

Amused by her naughty look, Mia laughed and went back to the kitchen.

Where was Logan? Elena went to the living room and saw the man she was looking for. She ran to him at once.

“Why are you so happy?” Logan had already guessed the reason. But he asked anyway.

Elena gave him a sly smile and told him everything. Jacob, who was standing aside, was astonished by what she did. She was so bold. If anything went wrong, she would be the one to suffer.

“Thank you, Logan.” Elena said to Logan sincerely.

She knew what happened to Aria and the two assistants was because of him, though he didn’t say anything. Thanks to him, Aria fell into a rage and did that stupid thing.

Logan nodded and smiled. “Well, don’t risk yourself like this again.”

After all, you never knew what would happen next. If, by any chance, something went wrong, she might get hurt.

Elena knew that she was imprudent this time, so she didn’t say anything.

At this moment, Elena’s phone rang. She frowned when she found who was calling.

“Mason Bush?” Logan asked.

and knew exactly why he was calling. He must do it for Emma. Elena’s smile disappeared and she

is she trying to kill herself? Do you think you can

this. So


taken back by her chilly reply, but he continued quickly. “It

breath and composed herself. There was no disappointment on

bright eyes and her


went in, they

was going to explode in anger.

looked at him coldly. “I come back with Elena. So

forehead. Again Emma’s cry came suddenly. Mason put on a serious look

looked at Mason unpleasantly. What did he mean? Who was wrong? Did he think he

house with Logan. The closer they got to the living

feeling heartache. “Logan, come and see how Elena

frowned and answered, “She

stop crying. If I didn’t stop her, she would have committed suicide just now!” Mason patted his legs and exclaimed. “It’s all because of Elena. She married you but still dated Jeremy in secret, which broke Emma’s heart. Otherwise why

because of Jeremy and me? Didn’t she tell you anything else?” Elena gazed at

moaned, “Forget it, dad. I don’t

your fault, stop crying and making


asked, “Why? You only

“Isn’t she right?”

cold and wet and almost dying. What are you going to do now?” Elena glowered straight back at her father. Her

She looked away and lowered her head hurriedly.

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