Presiden's wild wife

Chapter52 Kneel down and apologize

Elena’s heart turned cold completely. She couldn’t help laughing out, “When you thought Emma was bullied, you blamed me immediately. But it turned out that I was the bullied one. You are telling me I should forgive her and never bring this up again...”

She clenched her fists so tightly. “Dad. I’m a human and I have feelings. Do you ever regard me as your daughter?”

“I...” Mason trembled and panicked somehow, “Elena, I didn’t mean that. Listen...”

“Enough!” she swung her hand and took two steps back. She subconsciously stood behind Logan. Mason’s attitude had shown everything and there was no point in explaining.

Emma was sobbing, “I’m sorry, Dad. It was a stupid thought. But I never meant to hurt Elena. I had no idea why that person sent that picture to me. I found out the truth later.”

Mason didn’t know whom to believe and comfort. So he turned around and kept silent.

Emma knew that she let him down, but Mason was the only one she could count on. She grabbed his clothes with tears in her eyes, “Dad, I really know I’m wrong...”

Despise showed in Logan’s eyes. “That’s funny. Mrs. Smith, you hurt Elena, but now you are apologizing to Mr. Bush. I just don’t understand.”

“No.”Emma’s hatred was about to burst out but she suppressed it and said, “I feel sorry for dad, and that’s all.”

Mason didn’t want to embarrass Emma. To end this drama quickly, he said to Emma, “Logan is right. You should apologize to Elena and ask for her forgiveness now!”

Of course Emma wasn’t unwilling! But she gave in and said in grievance, “Sorry, Elena. Can you forgive me?”

Elena showed no responses. After a while, when Emma was almost fed up with the silence, she said, “That’s it?”

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you seem so reluctant to say sorry to me. Don’t worry. I won’t force you

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say when he thought that I bullied you? You should show some sincerity when you apologize. At least you should kneel down.”

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was astounded, too. Back then, he was just so angry that he said it to Elena. But he didn’t anticipate that she would ask Emma to kneel down. That was

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