Presiden's wild wife

Chapter85 His loneliness

As the interview finished, Kristin looked pleased and fixed her hair casually. Her assistant came over and whispered something in her ear, which made her look happier. She must be informed that the live interview was a success and helped her restore her popularity.

Elena took out her phone and as she expected, Kristin was praised highly by many netizen on Twitter. But it was still too quick. She guessed Kristin’s PR was really professional and knew exactly how to do their job to help her. Of course, Green Light Magazine also attracted a lot of attention.

Kristin seemed to take her assistant’s advice and walked to Elena reluctantly, "Thank you for the interview. It helps me a lot considering my situation."

Elena smiled and said, "Please also forgive me for being too blunt earlier. Anyway, you also made the good decision to join the interview."

"Well, I’m smart." Kristin snorted. Suddenly, something seemed to flash into her mind and she asked, "I heard you knew Mr. Logan Brown and he even accepted your interview?"

Until now did Elena know why Kristin came to her and offered her gratitude. She had mixed feelings and said calmly, "We are not that close. That interview was just business."

"Really?" Kristin looked at her in doubts.

Elena asked back, "Or what? Do you think we are close?"

"Close to you? That's impossible!" How could Logan be close to Elena? She was just a reporter. At the same time, Kristin also felt it was stupid of her to ask this question. "Well, forget about it."

Sophia saw Kristin’s arrogance and asked, feeling confused, "Elena, why did you deny your relationship with my idol? You don’t want others to know your marriage?"

"Why should I tell her?" Elena stared at her.

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