Presiden's wild wife

Chapter87 It’s your baby!

When Jeremy returned home from the nightclub, he felt muddleheaded and kept asking if he was really wrong. From the very beginning, he shouldn’t have believed Emma or broken up with Elena who had been his girlfriend for several years.

And now, he felt so jealous and angry when he saw Elena smiling at others. Elena was his!

"Jeremy, you are drunk heavily again." said Emma walking from bedroom, worried about Jeremy.

But Jeremy was sober and tired. He asked, " Why don’t you divorce me? Emma. Do you think we still have future? Aren’t you tired?"

Hearing what Jeremy said, Emma’s eyes went red and she bit her lip tightly. "Yes, we do. I am carrying your baby. This baby is our future."

It must be!

"But we haven’t had sex for several months. How can you even get pregnant?" Jeremy’s voice was low and he seemed drunk badly.

Emma stiffened and didn’t move for a while. Her mind went totally blank. But the next moment, she made up her mind and hugged him tightly. "No, it’s your baby! Jeremy. You are my husband. It will only be your baby. Don’t you trust me?"

"I don’t...not know..."

Jeremy felt sleepy and fell in sleep in Emma’s arms.

While Emma was hugging him, feeling freezing and panicked all over. Jeremy was right. Since they got married, they had been fighting all the time and barely spent time together. They hadn’t had sex for a long time.

She felt devastated and went to have fun with Caroline in the nightclub for several times. Every time she woke up, a strange man was lying next to her.

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