Presiden's wild wife

Chapter93 Mason’s injury

Elena remained depressed for several days and out of blue Emma called her one day and cried, "Dad fainted and hurt his head. He’s in the emergency room. Come now!"

Elena had intended not to care about her Dad anymore, but once she heard he was hurt, she went panicked at once.

“Are you alright?” Logan asked with some anxiety.

She finally composed herself and then cried, “Logan,We need to go to the hospital right now. My dad...he is in hospital...”

When they rushed to the hospital, Mason was already sent to the ward from the emergency room. His head was bandaged heavily.

Once Emma saw Elena, she started to blame and scold her, “Elena, what did you tell Dad that day? He recalled today and got so angry that he fainted at once. He even hurt his head when he fell. Did you see the bloody wound!”

“I... I don’t know. Why did this happen?” staring at Mason in bed, Elena felt overwhelmed by guilt.

Logan held her hand and comforted, “He made his choice himself. It has nothing to do with you!” then he looked at Emma and felt suspicious, “Besides, it happened several days ago. Why did he recall it today?”

“What are you implying? Are you blaming me?” Emma was afraid he might find the truth and vented her anger directly at Elena, “You did it! He is your father! And you wanted to give him a check and leave him. How can you be so heartless! You married Logan and you don’t want your family at all?”

Hearing the blame, Elena was trembling in deep sorrow. At this moment, Jacob came in and glanced at Emma.

‘Why is Jacob looking at me so weirdly? Did he find something?’ Emma couldn't help stepping back and muttered, "Well, anyway, let’s just pray dad can wake up soon. Elena, I know you didn't mean it. When he wakes up, you can apologize to him sincerely. I believe he will forgive you."

by hitting, which meant he was hit heavily by someone." Jacob couldn’t stand Emma’s lie and repeated what the doctor

tell me Dad was injured when

he fell. Why do you look

don’t mean it. I just want

found after you investigated."

“Logan! Just let it go. I believe if Dad wakes

Elena ignored her

she heard a quarrel between Mason and Emma in the afternoon. Then she heard a sharp scream. As she rushed to the spot, she saw Mason lying in his blood. I have also found an ash stay with blood on the spot. So I asked someone to examine it. It was covered with Mason’s blood

him just for self-defence. What’s more, dad wouldn’t have gone crazy and wanted to kill me, if it weren’t for

it was Elena’s fault and Emma was always innocent, right? At this

by her expression, "What! I was just telling

interrupted their conversation.

I’m here, too, pregnant with your baby! And you just saw Elena?" Emma was furious and

asked, "What's going on? You called me and said Mason fainted because he was

called him, but in his mind, he only thought about Elena! "Never mind. We

so, Jeremy didn’t keep asking and turned to Elena to apologize, "Elena, I am sorry about what I did last time in

in the nightclub!?" After hearing it, Emma lost her mind. She dragged Jeremy out and

Jeremy talk about it? Elena never saw that coming and

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