Presiden's wild wife

Chapter94 I want to hug her

Emma and Jeremy started their endless quarrel until the nurses came stopped them.

Then they came into the ward and tried to ignore each other. Seeing Elena and Logan holding each other’s hands, Jeremy felt even more jealous and bitter in his heart.

After a while, Mason finally opened his eyes and looked around..

"Dad, are you OK?" Emma came to him immediately with tears in her eyes, "Dad, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean it. I was too scared...”

Mason didn’t understand at first and then recalled what happened before he fainted. Emma was crying so desperately that he could hardly blame her. So he just said, “It was my fault. I have gone too far...”

He looked around and got excited once he saw Elena. "Elena…"

While Elena stayed close to Logan and didn't want to walk over. Mason got sad and cried with Emma, "Elena, have you been hating me all the time?"

Elena didn’t answer. How could she not hate him? But after all, he was her father. She didn’t know what to do.

"Elena, I know I am wrong. Can you forgive me? From now on, I will be kind to you and care about you. But could you please forgive me and still regard me as your dad?”

Elena was touched by his apology. But the next moment, she recalled how she was treated by him before, she turned her face away rigidly.

Mason looked at her in deep sorrow, "Elena, you still can’t forgive me, right? What can I do? Do you want me to kneel down and beg you!”

“Elena! Dad is begging you. How can you be so heartless?” Emma shouted.

“Stop that! You don’t deserve to judge me!" Elena glanced at Emma coldly,


you won’t forgive

trying to beg for

Bush, since you are awake, I will visit

shouted, “You don’t even want to see me

Bush. He felt his heart was

Emma, your daughter. You

the same!You are Elena!She

didn’t change her mind. At this moment, she

Logan held

Logan. She felt warm and reassured. She still got

went out. She sped

herself into Logan's arms and cried, "How could he

abandoned her! He hurt her! But now he

have let her hate him in the first place! But just when she made up her mind and decided to move on, he came to

he apologize to me so

listened to her quietly and felt her warm tears on his chest. He could only hold her tightly in her arms. “It’s over now. I’m here.

if only he gave me a little bit of love. But he

learned to give up hope. But just

speak. He knew his wife too well. She attached great importance to

should I do?" She murmured,

"You don't need to think about that. Just be yourself. Everything

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