Presiden's wild wife

Chapter96 He wants a divorce

Mason just looked at her dully. He seemed so old and weak at that moment. “Well... you just won’t forgive me...”

Elena was tired of this conversation and turned to Logan, “Let’s go home.”

Emma took Mason to his ward and ran after them hurriedly, trying to stop them, “I got something to say.”

“I got nothing to say to you.” Elena refused at once.

“It’s about dad. You don’t care about him anymore?”

“Well, then it really has nothing to do with me.” Elena got impatient. She thought she had made herself very clearly.

“You will regret!” Emma was a little anxious and tried to grab Elena’s arm.

“I will regret if I listen to you,” said Elena. Then she avoided Emma’s touch and stepped into the elevator.

Feeling upset, Emma could only go back to the ward. Mason couldn’t help asking, lying in bed, “How’s that? What did she say?”

Emma got grumpy, “What’s wrong with you, dad? How come you start caring about her? Did you forget how she treated us? She didn’t even want to help us!”

“You won’t understand.” Mason sighed deeply.

“What do you mean, dad? You won’t really want to give her the money back, will you?”

Mason put on a sad look, “How’s everything between Jeremy and you?”

answered honestly, “What do you think? Now all he wants is

you really get a divorce...” Mason looked at her, “You will get some money from him,

your mind?” Emma couldn’t believe what he was talking about. “Are you crazy? Why

Just do as I

what she did to me? She took Logan away from me! I

in the dilemma. Both of

he couldn’t lose her! But now Emma was also

for a while, he asked, “

are absolutely wrong! Elena that bitch has stolen my happiness! I should be Logan’s wife, Mrs. Brown! And you are even favoring her

she was clear she made a mistake. She should have married Logan and all her misery would be

a long sigh, “ I need some time to

her eyes and turned to him, “Me or her, you have only one

ward, leaving no time for Mason’s reply. Just when she came out of the ward, she encountered someone she never wanted to

in panic and ran

Caroline. She grabbed

got rid of her, “What are you doing?” Emma blamed her for taking herself to the nightclubs and

She tried

and tried to be

been 3 months,” Caroline

“What?!” Emma was shocked.

anyway, I can’t find that

are here

now.” Caroline looked upset. Suddenly she seemed

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