Presiden's wild wife

Chapter98 Sexy lingerie

In the lingerie store.

Elena was quite sheepish and lowered her head subconsciously. While Daisy was much more at ease. “This, this. Oh my, this!” She quickly selected a few suits and asked the clerk to pack them all, neat and quick!

“Are you really going to give yourself to David as his birthday gift, Daisy?” Picturing Daisy seducing David in this sexy suit, Elena blushed at once.

Daisy grinned, “Guess?”

How could she guess?

“I think you are smart. But sometimes, you are just too dull!” Daisy looked at Elena and sighed.

“I’m not dull.”Elena protested aloud.

“Of course you are dull. You silly girl!” Daisy had to explain, “Sometimes you don’t need to overthink. Being more straightforward is better!”


“That’s it.” Daisy smiled happily, “I know David loves me, and I love him, too. Therefore why can’t I just express it straightforward?”

But Elena was still a little confused, “What does it have to do with sending yourself as a gift?”

“You’re so...foolish, foolish!” Daisy gave up and refused to explain further.

Daisy bought lots of gadgets to decorate her home.

Daisy drove Elena back to KL Group. Before she left, she handed a paper bag to Elena, “I remembered you told me Logan and you didn’t make progress? Trust me, you’re gonna make it

Elena had a bad feeling. She opened the

“Daisy! You...”

once, leaving Elena

do with this bag? It was like a hot potato and Elena didn’t know whether to accept it or just throw it away.

surprised to see her

didn’t tell him

in her hand. She immediately hided it behind her back and explained, “Th...this is my commodity. It has nothing to do

was she behaving so...

finished your work? When shall we go back?” She couldn’t wait


“Now?”she was in surprise.

her and took her hand naturally, “To keep a lady

at this smug.

ever find it.

I’m going to take a shower.” Elena found an

could sense it very clearly. What was she hiding? Just while he was pondering, her cellphone buzzed and Logan just had a glimpse

to wear the sexy lingerie I gave you today. I’m sure Logan will love

sexy lingerie? In that paper bag she brought back

saw Logan sitting beside the bed with the paper bag in his hand. And the next moment, he opened it and took the

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