Presiden's wild wife

Chapter104 You look gorgeous

David held a birthday party where all the celebrities were invited, including Elena and Logan. Elena knew Logan might not like this kind of occasion or being surrounded by many people. But since Daisy insisted, she had to accept the invitation.

On the day they were supposed to attend the party, Elena realized she hadn’t prepared a gown for it. She looked at those new clothes in her wardrobe, having no idea which one to put on.

Logan asked Jacob, “Where’s the dress I bought in the bridal shop?”

“The dress in the bridal shop? When did you buy it?” Elena heard him and turned around.

But Logan just smiled quietly. When Jacob gave her the dress, she realized that it was that light blue one she had tried on. She looked at the dress, feeling confused, “I remembered you said I didn’t look good in it.”

Logan explained, “Did I?”

Elena thought she might misunderstand then. He just wanted her to take it off and didn’t make any comments.

“Then why did you just buy it without telling me?” she pouted.

Logan avoided her question, “Just go get changed.”

Elena did as he said. When she came out with that dress on, Logan knew he had regretted. She looked gorgeous in it. And he knew he wasn’t the only one who thought so. But Elena was just in a hurry.

“Come on! We are going to be late.” She only had 2 hours left.

Logan comforted her, “Don’t worry. We still got time.”

on, just go!” Elena didn’t want to be late at

came in. One of them was even carrying a make-up box. Elena didn’t realize what was going on until she

artist was amazed by Elena’s perfect skin, “ I’m so jealous of your skin.

her face, but was stopped

the make-up on, Elena was turned into

whether Logan

to be cool, hiding his affection

Seeing them about to leave, the makeup artist stopped them. “Where’s the necklace? You

of a sudden, Logan felt regretful that everyone was going to fix their eyes on Elena. She was such a pretty woman. He felt as if

from her drawer. After all, she wanted to keep low-key since she was just a guest. She

as they arrived at the party, Daisy ran to them excitedly. She looked at Elena full of admiration,

you.” Elena

look better

mean? Elena was at first confused, but when she saw

can’t believe she’s your sister. She’s been talking with every rich man here like a social butterfly. But doesn’t she know she’s pregnant!”

a look at Emma, too. ‘Isn’t Jeremy angry

was interrupted by Mason. She felt

her hand in silence. Mason walked towards them in surprise, “I was just wondering if you would come! So

You have fully recovered? ”

a big deal.” Mason

Elena felt somehow relieved.

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