Presiden's wild wife

Chapter128 Yolanda’s trick

The news that Anna had a boyfriend was told to the Lees very soon. They were so satisfied with Zach after meeting him. What they wanted them to do at once was to marry!

Elena knew about it, too. But she chose not to say a single word.

The Lees held a banquet and invited the Browns and Logan especially. They also wanted to invited the Stones. However, Zach said politely that his parents weren’t available. So he attended the banquet by himself.

Elena was unwilling to attend it, either. However, Grandpa George urged her, “Elena, you should go. Think about the relationship between our families. Do you want to make it even worse?”

So Elena had no choice but to attend it with Logan.

But Logan told her, “You don’t have to go there. Actually, it’s the Browns’ business, not mine.”

“Forget it. Just a meal. What’s more, Zach is Anna’s boyfriend. I think no one will talk about you and her behind our back.” Elena said in a calm tone.

“OK.” Logan agreed with her, “It’s up to you.”

Anna was the only daughter of the Lees. They took the banquet very seriously as if holding a wedding. Their servants were so busy preparing it in and out of the hall.

After getting off the car, Elena turned around and saw Zach and Anna smiling happily behind them. Anna was surprised and said, “I don’t know that you’ll be here.”

“Well, you know, Grandpa makes us here.” Elena smiled to her.

Zach was unsatisfied with her answer, “Oh! Aren’t you here for me?! Oh, Lord! I just flatter myself to Anna that you’re here for me!”

Logan gave him a glance, “Well, you are unimportant.”

Logan! You cared about me before you got married! And now, you only care about you wife! I am jealous!” Zach said

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