Presiden's wild wife

Chapter181 Kent’s Threat

Kent didn’t care if he was investigated by Logon. Instead, he appeared in Logan's office, saying politely, “Hello, Mr. Brown. On behalf of the Lewis Group, I am here today to show our wish to build up a partnership with you.”

After finishing his sentence, he turned to smile at Elena, “I said we would meet again. What a coincidence!”

“Hey, shall I call you ‘Kevin’? Nice to meet you, again.” Elena snorted, showing a fake smile to him. She emphasized his fake name on purpose.

Kent didn’t explain but said jokingly, “Come on, I was just kidding. Don’t take it seriously.”

Elena looked away without saying a word. Feeling her indifference, he pretended to be sad, “Oh, come on! We’ve met twice. What a wonderful destiny! I thought we could be friends. But seemingly you don’t agree. I’m hurt!”

“A wonderful destiny? You think your trick is a wonderful destiny? How interesting!”

“Mrs. Brown, don’t stick to details. It’s annoying to keep eyes on details. Am I right, Mr. Brown?” Kent said with a nasty smile.

Logan became sullen, saying in a cold tone, “Aren’t you here to talk about partnership? Why do you change the subject? Or, that's not why you're here? It’s your excuse?”

Logan looked so stern, and a bit scary, which frightened people from having any eye contact with him.

Kent was a little scared by him, too. But soon he composed himself, and smiled, “Take it easy. Give me some trust. Can’t you see I am so sincere in our partnership?”

“Well,” Logan curled his lips, “Anyway, I am sorry to tell you that I am not going to have a partnership with the Lewis Group. We are doing well and we don’t need it.”

While Kent looked doubtful, “You’re working on a bid for QS, right? Believe me. I can help you get the bid. I can tell you the price and proposals of other companies for the bid.”

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no! I will never do that to you. I am showing my sincerity.

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