Presiden's wild wife

Chapter 183 My Dear Little Maid

On the day of the bid, all members in Group One didn’t appear because they got to the wrong place, so Group Three was a substitute for doing the bid. And luckily, they got it.

While Kent was walking out of the convention hall, his face was darkening. “You were lucky this time! I don’t think you will be blessed next time!”

“Just wait and see.” Logan smiled, saying in an indifferent tone.

Kent stared at him with a vicious look. The next moment, all the managers from the other companies who wanted to get the bid came to Kent and complained, “Kent! You said you knew the price of KL! But it was wrong! What happened!”

“Is that my fault?” Kent looked at them with disgust, like they were rubbish, “You should blame yourself. You should learn from Logan who still made it in such condition!”

He had asked them to watch KL. But they were so stupid to be played by Logan. How silly they were to follow Group One into a wrong hall! Why couldn’t they see through this simple trick?

All in all, they were the only ones to blame! They were just too stupid!

Logan and Elena didn’t leave and happened to hear what they said. They turned around and had a look at them.

They suddenly stopped talking and ran away in no time. They didn’t want to argue with Kent anymore. What they should worry about now was not to be recognized by Logan, or they would get into trouble.

Elena sneered, “Look at them. How awful. Since they fear the consequences, why did they still choose to do this?”

“Forget it. We needn’t to immerse in their context. And we can’t control them. What we should do is focus on our work and solve the problem.”

Elena thought he was right. She nodded to show her agreement.

Soon after, Jacob came from the hall with Group Three. All of them could took a breath now.

Jacob gave the contract to Logan, “Sir. We get what you want.”

quick glance and gave it back to Jacob, “You are great. Thank you for all your hard work. Take a rest then. And you will have a


“Thank you so much!”

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mood so he agreed. Jacob would help him arrange it then. Finally, they all

and asked, “How do we do with Group

blend in, but they can’t do anything now.” Logan said in

helped him get into the car. Jacob was about to drive

“OK. Then we will take action after we get to the bottom.

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out the evidence. However, they couldn’t make a scene, or they would get alert.

see…” Elena nodded. Now

changed the subject, “How is Zach doing now?


just recalled that she didn’t follow up the story of Sophia after she got to work

about that, she asked Jacob to drive her to Zach’s home. And before

phone, yelling, “Elena! It was your plan, wasn’t it?! You manipulated me to

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how hard Zach makes me work these days? I don’t quit the job for the

“Do you

should I? I am so mad at Zach!

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