Presiden's wild wife

Chapter 186 Coffee

Sophia heard that they might have left. When she went downstairs and proved that she was right, she felt a little sad.

Zach was sad, too. “Why? Are you disappointed that your idol left without telling you? Humph, can’t you see I’m still here?”

“Why do I care?”

“Why not?” Zach was angry, “Do you think I can’t compete with Logan? You treat him as your idol. But you treat me like nobody! You don’t care about me at all!”

Sophia made a funny face to him, “Yes, you are right. I treat you like nobody. What’s more, you are just nobody in my heart! I don’t want to see you at all!”

The next second, Zach pulled her into his arms, which shocked Sophia. She stepped back at once, staring at him angrily.

Zach asked, “Why didn’t you join our conversation?”

“Why…you have too many questions!” Sophia looked away, feeling uneasy. She didn’t know why she wanted to avoid his eye contact now.

Zach wasn’t happy about her answer, “Tell me! Why!”

“I know you were having a serious conversation. I don’t think I should stay.” She said in a low voice.

She saw Logan’s serious look and knew that they were talking about something very important. So she thought she shouldn’t stay to join it.

Zach grumbled, “Come on! Why couldn’t you stay? You are my girl.”

“What?!” Sophia was shocked, glaring at him, “Who is your girl?! Watch your words! If you need a girl, go to Anna!”

Zach laughed, “No ‘Anna’ anymore! We are over! Let me tell you officially I am courting you!”

spread her hands in a gesture of disbelief,

only could see that Zach always made fun of her. She couldn’t tell if he really wanted her, or just wanted to tease

said in a sad tone, “You’re heartless! How cruel you are! Why can’t you see that

ignored his crazy remarks and

Well, I am thirsty now! I

stopped walking away and

can earn money if you give me a cup of coffee. What are you complaining

teeth in anger. She forced herself to smile,

make you hate coffee

was. He felt a little guilty, but she

after, she took a cup of coffee, which smelt good. But her weird

won’t poison me, will you?” He said in a low tone, looking her with

a stern tone, “What are you talking about? I made it for you with my love and affection. If you don’t want it, I’ll

and affection”, Zach hurriedly stopped her and said, “I’ll

wash your dirty socks now.” Sophia smiled

to Logan, showing off with words that, ‘This is from Sophia. She

the message. He showed it to Elena and asked, “What did you say to

“I didn’t tell her anything.

Sophia how to deal with Zach, right?” Logan patted her head gently. Seemingly

in a sweet voice, “No, I didn’t tell a word! Why can’t you

which made her so sexy and cute. And he couldn’t do anything to resist

took the chance and took away his


to have a try. However, the taste could nearly kill him.

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