Presiden's wild wife

Chapter 187 Emma Killed Herself

As soon as Logan and Elena arrived home, they got the call from Zach. “Elena! Did you give any bad advice to my pure Sophia?”

Well, it was Logan speaking. He frowned and answered in a cold tone, “What? You have some objections?”

Logan’s voice? Zach smiled at once and quickly changed his tone, “Of course not! I am calling to thank Elena for her wonderful advice! I love it! She is the best adviser in the world! She made Sophia show her true face. Sophia is so cute! I love it!”

Zach was getting better at lying. Elena could hear what Zach was yelling in the phone. She couldn’t help laughing because it was so funny. Then she got the phone and said, “Thank you for your compliment.”

Zach hung up with his grievance.

But now Elena was a bit puzzled, “How do you two know I gave Sophia advice?”

And they were so certain about that, which made she unhappy. ‘Am I a scheming woman in their eyes?’ She thought.

“Still confused?” Logan gave her a quick glance.

Elena shook her head, “Yes. How do you know?”

“Well, Sophia didn’t do anything to Zach before you went to see her. Can you understand now?”

‘Oh! That was the reason?’ Elena understood at once.

She sighed, looking regretful, “I shouldn’t have said anything to Sophia! Now you all knew it!”

Logan rubbed her head gently, smiling at her.

Elena was a bit angry, “Then it’s your fault!”

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