Presiden's wild wife

Chapter 188 Why Are You Here?

“Do you mean Emma committed suicide for some reason?” Mason heard what they said. He couldn’t help asking.

Elena gave him a glance, “It’s just a guess. Mr. Bush, do you see any stranger visiting Emma recently?”

Mason felt a bit awkward that she didn’t call him “Father” but “Mr. Bush”. He didn’t get used to it.

“Elena, I…”

Elena didn’t say a word, looking at him with a smile.

Mason clenched his fists. Then he said, “No. I visited her every day and I didn’t notice anything or anyone strange.”

Logan squinted at him, asking in a cold tone, “You didn’t notice? Or you just didn’t want to tell us?”

“What are you talking about?” Mason frowned, asking in an unpleasant tone, “Do you think that I will hurt my own daughter?”

Elena told Logan, “He won’t tell lies.”

She knew Mason loved Emma so much.

Jeremy felt puzzled, “What’s going on? Do you mean that there’s a reason for her suicide? Does someone want to kill her?”

“Only Emma knows the answer.” Elena said. At that moment, the operation was done and Emma was sent out. The doctor was walking towards them, who looked relieved now.

Mason ran to him, “Doctor, how is my daughter?”

“Relax. She didn’t cut herself too deep. She’s fine now.”

Mason was breathing a sigh of relief. Emma was lying in bed. Her pretty face was pale now. She looked so weak and pathetic.

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his advice. But it seemed that Logan didn’t care. Mason

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She needs more rest. You’d better visit her tomorrow.”

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her suffering, he felt so miserable. He wanted to find out why she tried to kill herself.

business. If you don’t want to see this happen again,

“I know.” Mason nodded.

Elena. After a while, he asked, “Will you stay here? Or do you want to

looking away, “No, I don’t. Since she’s fine,

held her hand, trying to

keep them here for a longer time, but he knew that he had no right to do this. So he turned to Emma and asked her if

Jeremy ran to them, trying to

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