I knew for a long time that Qin Jiameng would not admit it.

She has worked hard for so long to forge a good image in front of Ji Qingxuan. How can this image collapse so easily?

however, I don't care about this anymore. I look at Ji Qingxuan and ask him, "I don't know if what Mr. Ji said before still counts?"

I'm just gambling when I ask him that.

Not his feelings for me, but his possessiveness for me.

Ji Qingxuan looked at me with hesitation.

Although I have just told him what Qin Jiameng has said and done, it is obvious that he does not believe everything.

Woman is very sensitive in this respect, he saw Ji Qingxuan's hesitation, immediately vigilant, asked me, "what words?"

"Guess what?"

I look at Qin Jiameng, the corners of my mouth raised to one side, and I deliberately show some secrecy.

"What are you talking about?"

Qin Jiameng looks up at Ji Qingxuan, and her expression is still harmless.

Even if it is a nose on the shelf, but also let her feel embarrassed.


"President Ji." I looked at Ji Qingxuan's hesitant look, not sure he would stand on my side, so I interrupted him first, "I don't want to be your wife, and I don't need her to go to prison."

Ji Qingxuan was surprised to hear what I said.

I continued, "the ancients said," a wife is better than a concubine, a concubine is better than stealing, and what can be stolen is better than what cannot be stolen. " After a pause, I continued, "so, I want to be Mr. Ji's lover, OK?"

Anyway, I believe what Qin Jiameng said.

If my child is really dead and still suffering, how can I make Qin Jiameng feel better?

"What? What are you talking about? " Qin Jiameng seems to have arrived at something for a while. She grabs Ji Qingxuan's arm and acts like a coquetry. "Jiaqi seems to be crazy. Just now, she seems to have been stimulated by something. Her mind is a little abnormal."

"Yes, I'm crazy, because you tell me that Ji Qingxuan and I are still tortured when our child dies. I'm not crazy!".

Even if he has no feelings for this child, but the child has also shed his blood!

As long as I keep saying it, he will always be touched.

"I didn't." Qin Jiameng took Ji Qingxuan and said, "I really didn't do cruel things. At that time, I just lost my child. I used to be a mother soon!"

Qin Jiameng began to get excited when she spoke.

But this meeting, no matter what she said, Ji Qingxuan's deep feeling is as cold as ever.

I watched the play calmly. The time was almost up. I said, "Mr. Ji, you and she will continue to get married. I just want to be your lover and stay with you, OK?"

"Qin Jiaqi! Don't be shameful

This sentence finally stimulated Qin Jiameng!

She rushed to me like crazy and wanted to hit me!

I was just about to hide, but suddenly there was a black wall in front of me!

Looking up, I saw Ji Qingxuan standing in the middle of me and Qin Jiameng, facing Qin Jiameng with his back to me.

"Qingxuan, you, you help her? Do you forget what she did? She's so resourceful. Are you going to be cheated by her? Is it true that all good people end up like me? "

Qin Jiameng is incoherent.

But she said she was kind?

I'm really going to be laughed to death.

Before, I always felt that because I was a relative, I had to leave a bottom line anyway, but at this moment, I have found that the kind, even stupid person is not her.

It's me.

I can't see Ji Qingxuan's expression. I hesitated and decided to gamble.

He said, "Mr. Ji, I was just on the spur of the moment. Now think about it, I'm bold. How can I say this in front of your fiancee? It's hard for you to do it."

When I speak, I always look at the back of Ji Qingxuan's head and most of his side face. I see that the man purses his lips slightly.

Seems to be in a bad mood.

After a pause, I continued, "I'm gone. Today's words will be taken as if I didn't say them."

Then he turned and wanted to go out.

But not out of the door of the examination room, I heard Ji Qingxuan cold but firm voice behind, "OK, I agree."

I stopped and tilted my head slightly.

Ji Qingxuan has turned around, has been pursing the corners of the mouth actually slightly raised, black eyes seem to contain a trace of smile.

Is this man happy?

I thought he wanted to skin me.

Ji Qingxuan reached out to me, "come on, since it's settled, I can't give you the chance to go back."

I took a look at Qin Jiameng, who was already angry behind him. He gave a false smile. Although he hesitated, he finally threw himself into the arms of a man.Just leaning on the man's strong chest muscle, Qin Jiameng grabbed the man's arm, "Qingxuan, what are you doing?"

"As you can see."

Ji Qingxuan replied.

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