"What do you mean?"

I stood still.

When I saw the doctor going, I ran up to him. "What do you mean! Just a few hours after the talent arrived, please let me know! I had breakfast with him in the morning, he sent me to work, and he said

"Come with me."

The doctor interrupted me.

I was stunned.

Knowing where he was going to take me, I stood in the same place and shook my head desperately, "I'm not going! you deceived me! He, how can he die

All of a sudden.

There's no sign.

I don't believe it!

How can I believe it?

A few hours ago, Lu Qiaoyu was still in good condition, but now the doctor tells me that he is dead?

I don't want to see it. I don't want to believe it.

I turned around and left.

The doctor called to me at the back, "Miss Qin, although Mr. Lu was in a coma when he was sent here, after our rescue, he woke up once."

I turned, "and then? What do you mean wake up once? Since you wake up, why don't you save him

I asked.

Now that I'm awake, why am I still dead!

"When he woke up, he said," you will come. If you do, let me tell you something. " The doctor looked at me and said, "he said he loves you. If there is an afterlife, let him meet you earlier."




I just looked at the doctor and couldn't say a word.

Tears, down the corner of the eye.

My heart seems to be pinched.

It hurts.

"Come with me."

The doctor waved to me.

I raised my foot and followed him to the ground floor.

It's obviously colder here than above.

The doctor took me to the door of the mortuary, opened it and waved to me.

I stood over and looked inside.

Maybe because it is small in Hegong hospital, there is only one bed there.

There is a man lying on it. The length seems to be shorter than Lu Qiaoyu's height. Lu Qiaoyu is taller than this.

Yes, Lu Qiaoyu is taller than him.

This is not Lu Qiaoyu.

I pretended to be relaxed, "startle me, this is not a senior, senior is not so short."

Then he wanted to go.

The doctor said to me behind me, "it's no use deceiving yourself and escaping."

"This is not a senior in the first place!" I lowered my head and said in a tone that even I felt guilty.

"Go and have a look."

The man was covered with a white cloth.

I can't see his face.

"Just look."

I pretend to be relaxed. A few steps into the morgue.

When I got to the position one step away from the bed, my feet suddenly seemed to be filled with lead, and I couldn't move a step.

The doctor followed, went to the bedside and asked me, "can I help you lift it?"

"No! Don't move

I'll stop it.

I'm scared.

I don't know what to do. I want to go back, but I can't move my feet.

The doctor looked at me like this, raised his hand and patted me on the shoulder, "have a look, I think, he also wants you to see him."

He wants me to see him?

Will it?

The doctor's words seemed to be a kind of encouragement. I finally got up the courage to take a step forward. I stood in front of the bed and put my hand on the white cloth. After a long time, I finally made up my mind to lift the white cloth.

I saw Lu Qiaoyu's face as soon as I lifted a corner.

He closed his eyes and his face was pale, but not pale.

It was like falling asleep.


The tears that had been stopped fell down my eyes again.

I can't believe my senior just now is lying here.

I reached out and touched his hand.

Although some stiff, but also some temperature!

There is still temperature!

"He, he's alive! He's not dead! " I looked at the doctor, took his hand to touch Lu Qiaoyu's hand, "you see, his hand is still warm, he is still alive!"

It's not always said that people are cold when they die.

But Lu Qiaoyu's body is still hot.

He may not be dead!

The doctor pulled out his hand and looked at me sympathetically. "When a person dies, the blood circulation stops, but the body won't get cold right away..."

"No, you, didn't you save it! He's not dead! He's not dead yet! Do you want to try again! "

Plop a kneel in front of the doctor.Hands in the chest, beg him, "please, help him, try again, he is really not dead."

The doctor looked at me and sighed, "Miss Qin, you can't come back from death. I think you'd better give us his information as soon as possible so that we can contact his family."

Then he turned and walked out.

I'm going after you.

Because I ran too fast, I fell and broke my hand, but I didn't care so much. I ran after the doctor. "Please, he's not dead. He's not dead. Please help him!"

The doctor ignored me and went on upstairs.

I ran upstairs.

All the way to the doctor's office.

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