Qin Zhaozhi immediately said, "with the current market, not to mention two years, ten years is enough."

"We certainly can't turn around to the point where we can easily get a million dollars a month in two years."

One for two.

Clear position -

no money.

My heart is cold.

"Or so." Qin Zhaozhi looked at Qin Zhaomin, "transfer your mother to another hospital! Transfer to a second class a hospital, where the price of ICU is certainly not so high, and then we will hire a more expensive nursing worker. "

Ha ha, their abacus is good.

I pay for hospitalization, they pay for nursing.

A month's money for a nurse is only two days' hospital expenses.

But I have no choice. I don't want Qin Ci to be taken off the ventilator so early.

Qin Zhaozhi agreed with this point of view.

Two people immediately began to make a phone call, finalized a sacred heart hospital not far from the second class a hospital.

Here ICU plus others, about 5K yuan a day.

Compared with the sacred heart, one heaven and one earth.

The next day, they transferred Qin Ci to another hospital.

I've seen it in the past. It's really incomparable with the sacred heart. It can even be described in two simple words, but I have no choice.

Only here, I have no worries.

On Sunday, I contacted the moving company to move.

Although the new home is small, I feel very warm.

Because it is managed by a professional apartment company, the room is very clean, and I don't even have to clean it.

Last time in the resort, I saw the painting of Mou Xiangli, which touched me deeply.

When I was free in the afternoon, I went to Yancheng Academy of fine arts to buy some painting tools. I wanted to pick up the paintings I had left behind for a long time.

There is a saying that more people have to come out to walk in order to have a surprise.

I took the subway to the Academy of fine arts. As soon as I got out of the station, I saw a car stop at the intersection, and I recognized it at a glance -

Qin Jiameng.

Why is she here?

Soon, I saw another person coming down from the driver's seat.

I met this man not long ago and I am very familiar with him.

It's Ji Qingxuan's assistant. Now it may be Li Kai, the former assistant.

Afraid that they would see me, I immediately stepped back and hid next to the subway entrance.

I saw two people cuddle together immediately.

Li Kai gave the key to the car watcher, and they went into a hotel in front of them.

I was so quick with my eyes that I took out my cell phone and took a picture.

Look up after the shooting.

It's a love hotel.

This kind of hotel is passed from Japan, which is specially provided for lovers. The decoration style of each room in the hotel is different.

Can play all kinds of play.

What can you do in a place like this? It goes without saying.

But what I never thought was that these two people actually had an affair?

I can't help recalling all the things before.

More and more I feel that Li Kai and Qin Jiameng are not two people who have no contact at all, especially a long time ago.

When I went to Optimus, I heard him make a phone call

It's not impossible to call Qin Jiameng now.

I took a picture of the name of the hotel and sent it to Ji Qingxuan's mailbox.

In my opinion, no matter how generous Ji Qingxuan is, no matter how deeply he is in love with Qin Jiameng, he can't tolerate the grassland above his head.

I didn't follow him any more. I bought a painting set and went home.

I don't know why. I'm in such a good mood that I want to eat hot pot.

Call Jiang Qin, but she is not in Yancheng.

I found a mala hot shop to eat alone. Half way through, I got a call from Qin Zhaomin.

Hesitated for a moment, because I was worried about what happened to Qin Ci, I picked it up.

"Jiaqi, have you finished your meal?"

As soon as the phone was connected, Qin Zhaomin's voice came out.

His voice sounded a bit of vicissitudes, and he was in a low mood.

The tone doesn't sound as high as it used to be.

I was a little suspicious, looking at the spicy hot in front of me, "well, I'm eating."

"Oh, tomorrow. Tomorrow evening, I've reserved a box in Haisheng restaurant. Our family hasn't been together for a long time."

Qin Zhaomin's voice now sounds so friendly.

I thought of what I had done during the day. It was impossible for me to eat this meal. I refused, "I'm sorry, Mr. Qin. I'm a wild child growing up in an orphanage. Where can I eat in that place?"

"Don't say that." Qin Zhaomin's voice was full of apologies, "this time about your grandmother, you work so hard, I feel embarrassed, because just like you said, she is your grandmother and my mother, I just want to thank you."To be honest, if someone told me that, I would believe it.

But I can't even believe Qin Zhaomin's punctuation.

"I'm sorry, I'm very busy. I'm afraid I have no fortune to spend." I said, looking down at his spicy hot in front of, "rice cold, I hang up first."

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