President’s Sweet Wife

Chapter 528 Trash Her Reputation

However, to Ally’s surprise, she heard loud discussions in the living room as soon as she entered the house.

“Dad, you see how late it is? I think she won’t come back tonight.”

“Yeah, Zack. With all due respect, you’re too tolerant towards Ally. You may think your tolerance is for her sake. But it's not good for her in the long run. If she keeps acting like this, how can she ever find a man to marry her?”

“Exactly! She doesn’t have any self-respect. She’ll bring shame to our whole family. I feel so humiliated!”

“Alas! Shall I send someone to look for her?”

Standing in the doorway and listening to the grossest insults, Ally was so irked that her lips began to tremble.

She thought indignantly, “How have I been acting like? Why would it affect my prospect of getting married?

“Did I do anything terrible? Why would I disgrace the whole family?”

Ally’s face paled with rage. Then, Sandra, the old maid, walked out of the kitchen and spotted Ally first. She exclaimed, “Miss Ally!”

The discussion in the living room instantly halted.

With her lips pursed, Ally headed into the living room and keenly eyed Lindsey, Angie, Hardy, Mary, and Zack, who was on the sofa.

They were stunned when they saw her come in. Yet, a moment later, they all sneered.

“Gee! Ally, you’re back! I thought you wouldn’t come home tonight!”

Lindsey was still the first one to speak. Her tone carried a heavy note of mockery.

Ally clenched her fists. Seeing that hideous face, she wished she could rush over and tear it up. But her rationality made her hold back that urge. With a cold laugh, she said, “Whether I come back or not is none of your business, is it?”

What she was implying was, “This is my home. I can come and go as I please. Butt out!”

Lindsey snorted and said, “Of course it’s none of my business. I was just standing in Zack’s shoes.”

Ally glanced at Zack.

Zack seemed a little cross. But unlike the others, the look in his eyes said he was not gratified by Ally’s suffering.

this place, she remarked, “Turns out that Mary is invisible in this family. Or my dad wouldn’t have needed

words came out, Lindsey and

ago. She painstakingly raised Hardy all by herself over the years. Yet, she had no real ability to make money. Thus, other than spending her original assets, she did some sordid deals to make a living, which was

presence, because it would offend her to

tried to provoke her many times.

how dare you talk to Lindsey like that? She is

have such an elder in my family

“How dare you!”

at Ally with a

we said true? Now you’ve done such a


Just then, Angie cast her eyes over her neck, which lit up at once. She approached Ally in one stride and

the hickey on her neck was fully

“What are you doing?”

was too late.

in their eyes. Even Mary, who revealed no emotion on

face turned completely

Ally knew they had misunderstood. Just as she wanted to

Ally was stupefied!

at her father in a daze. Although Zack had misunderstood her in many aspects over the years,

opened her mouth and called,

don’t have a shameless

furious that he was shaking all over. Mary quickly came over and comforted him, “Calm down. Ally is too young and insensible.

smugly smile fleeted

Her heart prickled intensely. She wished to tell Zack things were not

stuck in her throat, and

was because she knew no one would believe her even

rims. Tears welled up in her eyes

said seriously, “I heard what you said just now. Dad, do you also think that I'm a

rage, not wanting to say a word

eyes. She fetched out the marriage certificate from her purse and threw it

said, she stalked out

later, she broke at a run. The wind at night blow her tears

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