President’s Sweet Wife

Chapter 529 The Daredevil

“What on earth have I done wrong?” Ally thought in distress.

Suddenly, her phone rang. She already knew that it was a call from home before she looked.

She contemplated, “They must have verified the marriage certificate. Or they wouldn’t have waited for so long to give me the call.”

That thought made Ally sadder. She took out her phone, pressed “Decline” without looking at the screen, and then powered it off.

Seeing the phone screen turn black, Ally finally felt at ease. She got back to her feet from the beach, picked up her purse, and headed back.

In the Fowlers’ house.

“Sorry, the subscriber you dialed is powered off. Please try again later.”

A mechanical female voice sounded from the receiver. Zack’s countenance altered a little.

“Darn. Her phone was on just a moment ago. But it’s powered off. That means Ally is really mad!” he speculated.

He hung up the phone in annoyance.

Angie, who was holding the marriage certificate, was still in disbelief. “Dad, is this real?”

Zack scowled at her and said, “I’ve already checked with the city hall. What do you think?”

Angie was bereft of speech.

The moon was high in the sky. It was already late at night.

Ally strolled back to the road. At this time near the sea, there was little traffic and few pedestrians on the road. Thus, Ally waited for a long time before she hailed a taxi.

After getting into the car, she told the driver, “Central Garden, please.”

She thought for a moment and switched her phone on, because she prepared to call Kaley Cavill.

Kaley was Ally’s classmate in senior high. She was a fierce and vigorous girl from a rich family. She and Ally had been good friends since they were in school. These years when Ally had rough times, Kaley always took her side without hesitation. She supported and helped Ally. Therefore, other than her family, Ally only told Kaley about her return.

However, her phone rang just as she found Kaley’s number.

caller ID was a

this number when she arrived in this country.

so he called again with a different phone,” Ally

Her fingers paused with hesitation for less than a second before she pressed

want to go home. Nor was she strong enough to endure

call came again

She declined it again.

the caller

Still, Ally hung up.

was still ringing, as though it would ring forever until

know what to say. “Can’t they just leave me alone?” she

mean things to her at home but also tried to keep scolding

gritted her teeth and pressed “Accept”. She shouted, “Enough! Stop calling me! I’m telling you, I won’t admit things that I didn’t do! You can save


the other end

on a large balcony, stared at the dim


roared in his head, “Ally Fowler! How could you hang up on me

“What a daredevil!”

Just then, he thought of Ally’s words. She said she wouldn’t admit things she didn’t

What did she do?

wrong. He arched his eyebrow and decided

up after two

mood to chitchat with his

a moment before

“Kevin Nixon.”


soon arrived at Central

the rich, where there were all kinds of fancy villas. Ally had no card


the time. It was only a little past nine in the evening. Kaley was a night

did she

Kaley was the only friend she trusted completely. But Kaley was out of reach. It seemed that she had no choice but to go to

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