President’s Sweet Wife

Chapter 539 A Misunderstanding

The butler said

“Of course.” at once.

Max finally felt relieved. After all, he had helped Laura teach Laura a lesson.

The butler respectfully stood in front of Max. “Mr. Nixon, is there anything else I can do for you?” he asked.

Max waved his hand, and the butler gave a bow before leaving.

He knew that Max preferred to be left alone at this moment.

Besides, Max seemed to be drunk now and he was even trembling a little. It wasn’t easy for him to finish the conversation.

In fact, Max didn’t tell Laura what he had done for her.

Because he knew Laura wouldn’t let him do it for her if she heard about that.

Laura was always afraid of trouble, so she never thought about paying back her enemies.

But Max wouldn’t allow his girl to be bullied, so he sent people to deal with Lanna without her knowing it.

With a hiss, Max finally lost control of his body.

The next second, he fell and slept on the sofa.

Didn’t people say sorrows could be drowned in wine? He was about to be drunk now, but still couldn’t get Laura out of his mind.

It seemed he became more sorrowful after trying to drown sorrows in wine.

He didn’t want to go to bed so early, so he stayed on the sofa, eyes closed.

He was drunk and he just needed a moment to rest till he was sober so that he could carry out the investigation on his own.

In fact, even if Max was drunk at this moment, he still couldn’t stop thinking about how to help Laura.

understand why Laura refused to accept

this time, the doctor told Laura she could go

doctor came, Isaac

late. Let me drive you

and was ready to

that, Laura immediately

my own. It’s late and I don’t want to cause

were still a couple now, they were

indeed not right to bother him

and properly packed up her stuff. “It’s OK. You didn’t feel well. It’s cold at night. Let me drive you home. You don’t want me to be worried about you, do

drive her home. No matter how she turned him down, he

frown, “Thanks, but I think

is also a girl. It’s not safe for her to go

interrupted her without

stop him, so she had to

“OK then.”

and Isaac walked to the gate of the

out, Laura felt the

that Isaac could drive her home. She just had a recovery and could

and Isaac got off first to open

the rear seats, while

moment, Laura received a new

can you believe

were two

and Lily

placed her head on Max’s chest

Laura was struck dumb.

with women, these two

the woman in the photos. Lily used to

that he would do something like that. But

However, these photos...

remembered what he had said to her in the hospital today, and now he was hanging out with another

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