President’s Sweet Wife

Chapter 540 A Mental Breakdown

Laura understood Isaac’s worries, so she told him to continue to drive.

Seeing Laura was in no mood for a conversation, Isaac could only focus on driving after shaking his head.

“I don’t believe you can still sleep tight after watching these photos.”

Lily couldn’t wait to gloat over Laura’s failure.

She and Laura worked in the same company. Although she never thought about she would have any interaction with Laura, they often met. So they knew each other well.

Lily made full use of Laura’s shortcoming this time. She knew Laura was jealous and lacked confidence.

Given Laura’s character, she could have had misgivings for a long time after receiving the photos.

Now, this should be fun.

Laura was indeed greatly affected by these photos. Lily’s message completely ruined her good mood.

In fact, she already began to accept Max after what Max had said to her today.

It was no exaggeration to say that she had made up her mind to confess her affection for Max when they met the next time. And she would agree to be his girlfriend.

But Lily’s message changed everything.

Laura had a mental breakdown in an instant.

She didn’t know whether she was being jealous or what.

But she was sure her affection that was built with difficulty for Max was totally gone after she watched the photos.

She honestly didn’t understand why Max was such a terrible man.

Did he take her as a B-plan?

Was sincerity so cheap in his eyes?

Laura was filled with

“What happened?”

for the traffic lights to turn green. From the rear view mirror, he again


embarrassing if she told Isaac that she was so

embarrass herself, so she wouldn’t


Isaac sighed.

was weird today, but she refused to talk with

can talk with me. We’re good friends, aren’t

her, so he wanted her to be honest with him

Laura lowered her head.

little scared in

to dodge Isaac’s question

you don’t feel good. Never ever keep

obviously unhappy, but

didn’t know what

pressing her to tell

“OK, you’re home.”

a long while on the

until now. She slowly

me help you carry them

Laura felt she needed to be alone and calm

so quiet

face, Isaac

no, thanks. I can go up there

didn’t look at Isaac at

the hospital just

no idea why Laura became like that

But he couldn’t fall asleep at all after tossing and turning

forget what he didn’t want to remember after he drank so much

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