President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 253: You Must Get Married

“I really didn’t intend to hurt the two kids at first. She told me to cause a smoke accident, and then it would just be fine for me going in to carry Noah out. But I didn’t expect such a large fire occurred and burned down the entire kitchen. I was terrified just thinking about it then. I would never be at ease for the rest of my life if I didn’t have bitten the bullet going in to bring Noah out of the fire.”

Addison Sanchez seemed to be gun-shy when mentioning the incident back then.

Hayden eyed her thoughtfully.

“So Viola was using you to frame me for not saving Noah deliberately. On the other hand, if Noah was dead, Joseph would only end up tracing to you as he got angry and investigated it. You have no evidence to prove that Viola did this, because she was abroad attending a film festival at the time of the accident.”

Addison nodded with a complicated look, “I was careless.”

Hayden took a deep breath, shuddering.

Addison had no reason to lie, but Viola did have the motive to frame her.

If Viola did plan the fire and instigate Addison to do it, then all the suspicions that Hayden had previously suspected would be valid.

For example, how could Addison, a pampered young lady, condescend collude with the kitchen pastry chef to harm the two kids? And how could she suddenly rush into the fire to save Noah at the last minute, despite her strange behaviour being suspected too?

Hayden hardly needed to think much before she believed what Addison said.

Viola indeed had the nerve to do this. She was different from Addison. Viola started working in the entertainment industry at about the age of seventeen. She had seen all kinds of dirty deals, and she knew many lowlifes. She could do such things.

“So, can you trust me now?” Addison asked Hayden, “I’ve been uneasy for this time, and I always feel that Joseph had known it, but he just didn’t make it clear to me. I really can’t stand this feeling anymore. I don’t want to go on like this. I want to do something to make everything back to what it was supposed to be.”

“So you want me to reconcile with Joseph, just like everything before you show up?”


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