President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 258: Haven’t the Two of You Finished Kissing?


The emcee gave the command and the audience shouted under the stage.

The other two groups had already started to kiss each other. Hayden looked at Joseph who was still some distance away from her and let out a sigh of relief inwardly.

“You still know how to … Um…”

Before she finished her words, Joseph already kissed her. Hayden stared at Joseph angrily as if she didn’t believe that he really dared to kiss her.

Hayden was unable to escape from him although she tried her best to struggle. His hands were holding her waist tightly and the two of them were touching each other. Her struggle was completely futile and she had even used up all her strength as he was kissing her.

The emcee’s countdown was like the evening breeze and she could not hear it clearly. She could only remember the sound of Joseph kissing her and the persistence that displayed in his eyes.

When she was still feeling ashamed, she felt like a ray of light had finally broken through the fortress she had worked so hard to build all this time. The light penetrated a hint of sweetness into his body and then spread throughout her body.

She closed her eyes slowly and forgot that she should try to escape from him. She just enjoyed the sweet kiss with him.

It seemed like a long century had passed. Both of them were breathing very heavily and they were almost drenched in sweat when the emcee finally asked them to stop.

“I think this couple still doesn’t want to finish kissing. You all have kissed for thirteen minutes and fourteen seconds, without stopping.”

Hayden opened her eyes instantly and found that the other two couples had landed on the ground for a long time. The couples and the emcee were watching her and Joseph. She was very embarrassed at the moment and felt like she wanted to vanish from a hole on the ground.

“Congratulations. You two have won the first prize of the event today, a bicycle.”

Hayden buried her entire face inside her jacket and followed Joseph to get the pink bicycle while the onlookers were cheering.

When she saw the bicycle, she muttered, “Didn’t we want the chocolate?”

Joseph looked back at her, “Then we can switch our prize with the winner of the second prize.”

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