President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 261: Mummy, What’s Wrong with Your Mouth

“The previous shop manager described that the lady was about twenty-three years old. She looked beautiful and came over here with that necklace to ask who customized it in our shop.”

The shop manager’s voice on the phone was very clear. Listening to his voice, Joseph felt like he had just drunk a bowl of hangover soup and his mind was refreshed.

There was a woman from the Downey family right next to him and undoubtedly, he first thought of her.

However, he quickly realized that it wouldn’t be her.

Six years ago, he didn’t interact with Hayden at all. How could that necklace be with her at that time?

As he felt that it wouldn’t be relating to her, something suddenly flashed through his mind.

He had been always suspecting that the necklace had been lost that night in which he was trying to find the surrogate mother six years ago. However, Caesar, the housekeeper was very sure that the necklace was not with her as he had asked the woman.

But he suspected that Caesar must have been hiding something from him about the surrogate mother back then as he had suddenly resigned after carrying Noah back from the hospital that year. Moreover, when Joseph ordered Magnus to look into the incident at that time, he only learnt that Caesar had died in an accident. He also realized that he had encountered many obstacles when he tried to investigate the surrogate mother.

There was a flock of birds flying outside the window. The sky of Nanking looked vividly blue.

Joseph looked out of the window for a moment in contemplation, sliding his slender fingers on the phone.

“Please go to the mansion and ask Mark for a list of the people who worked with Caesar back then, then go find them and ask them one by one about the surrogacy at that time. Use whatever strategies you can think of, including threatening them and giving them benefits.

On the other end of the phone, Magnus was obviously stunned for a moment before he regained his consciousness.

“Okay, I’ll go now.”


After hanging up the phone, Joseph picked up his pyjamas from the bed and turned around to go into the bathroom.

If there was really a problem with the surrogate mother, then what kind of problem was it that it caused Caesar, a housekeeper who had worked for the Beckham family for a long time to suddenly resign?

Looking at Hayden who was lying in the bathtub asleep, he suddenly had a guess. But after a while, he thought that he was wrong as he thought it was too absurd.

Hayden did not wake up until noon.

When she woke up, it was very noisy outside, Noah and Stella were watching TV in the living room. Stella wanted to watch a replay of Freddie’s concert, but Noah didn’t want to let her do so. He kept changing the channel when she was not paying attention to the television. Benjamin was nowhere to be found, and Joseph was doing something in the kitchen.

Wonders never ceased!

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