President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 262: They Would Not the Comments which Were Too Exaggerated

Joseph’s questioning voice drummed against her eardrums. Hayden clenched her fingers tight and her nails pinched into her flesh hard to calm herself down, but she knew that as soon as she said something, he would suspect her more listening to her trembling voice.

“I’m much more relieved.”

Joseph suddenly let out a laugh.

“So it seems like you’ve always been quite wary of outsiders.”

Hayden was stunned for a moment and subconsciously looked at Joseph. Seeing an obvious derisive smile on his face, and only then did she slowly let out a sigh of relief.

“Yes.” She averted her eyes from him as she whispered, “I didn’t know you well at that time either, so I couldn’t tell you everything also.”

“It may rain today. Remember to bring an umbrella when you go out.”

Joseph drew an umbrella from the umbrella stand in the entrance hall and handed it to her.


Hayden pursed her lips as she bowed her head. She was still nervous.

After she came out of the house, her heart was still pounding fast. She had a feeling that if she didn’t confess the truth to Joseph, Joseph who was so intelligent would soon know the truth also. She couldn’t predict what would happen at that time.

The reason that Dante called Hayden suddenly was to discuss the tender of Joann Group.

There were a lot of rumors on the Internet suddenly in the past two days, saying that Hayden was the only legal heir of ST Group and she had received a large sum of fortune left by Brook, and a large part of the fortune was from the financial loopholes of ST Group. Therefore, it was considered as Brook using his power to seek personal gain. It was a legal but unreasonable way to transfer his fortune to Hayden at that time.

ST Group was a large enterprise with few thousand employees, and the sudden closure of the company had led to a large number of people being out of work. The entire company had not been paying the salaries to the employees for two months due to financial liquidation.

workers in the office could not stand still. When the

conference room on the first floor of Green Lemon Clothing, Hayden was looking out of

deprecate our company, otherwise, at such critical times, it may be easy to affect Joann Group’s votes for our company. We need to do some measures as

youngster who seemed to have waited for a long time before he had such an opportunity to show his talent. He looked very enthusiastic and he was the first one who found out that Hayden being deprecated

Downey, what

Clark’s voice rang out in the conference room. Hayden was stunned for a moment

had just been thinking about what had happened before she left the house and had not been listening

“What Mr. Jackson meant was to stop the rumors before the netizens found that you are related to Green Lemon Clothing so that the tender of Joann Group would not be affected. However, I think if we just block the comments by communicating with the social media platform, I’m afraid it will

it seemed like he was not trying to remind Hayden, rather it was like Dante’s adding

understood his words and

platforms deal with the problem. We need to set our PR plan. The problem had already occurred and we must find a deterrent way to

Downey, how about we do this? We can ask the social media platform to block a portion of the specious deprecating comments, leaving the most exaggerated

was puzzled at first, but soon they

the users would not believe the deprecating comments when the comments were

effect. Therefore, it was better to simply leave the most exaggerated comments for them to discuss as people in their right minds would not believe

proposal was unanimously approved in

back to her office. Her newly recruited assistant, Anna followed her to deliver the documents that needed Hayden’s signature to her office. Then, she put an invitation

this morning for the wine tasting party organized

white on the light blue invitation card. If she didn’t tell her that it was an invitation to

this card

“Mr. Sanchez’s assistant.”

quite free. He even asked his assistant to come over to send her the invitation card. His life seemed

invitation card and read the

for you to come, the less I want you to come,

let out

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