President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 263: Helping Outsiders Secretly

Dante looked cold and serious, “From Yi-Pai’s point of view, what they are trying to do now is to eliminate all the emerging and potential competitors in the industry, because once they become bigger and stronger, they don’t stand a chance anymore.”

This was reality and the cruel side of the business world.

“Then how long can Mr. Jackson’s public relation plan last?”

“I don’t know.”

Dante had never given uncertain answers. If he said he did not know, it meant he really did not know.

Before they had time to come up with a solution for the next step, someone from the public relation department came and said, “Ms. Downey, something’s wrong. Someone posted a long Weibo on the Internet, and it went viral. The truth that you are the boss of our company was also found out.”

Hayden stood up immediately. She just finished the meeting and things happened right after that. It was just like what Dante had mentioned, it was too much of a coincidence.

They had an urgent meeting.

“Several things that must be said about Hayden Downey, the heir of the Downey Group, who started a new business after transferring her property”

The title of the article was very long.

It was posted by a well-known big name on Weibo, who owned millions of fans. It was almost afternoon, and this matter turned viral and appeared in the ‘hot search’ list.

The article was mainly discussing about three things. The first things was the most eye-catching one.

It was about the incident that happened half a month ago, where the migrant worker tried to commit suicide on the top floor of the Downey Group’s headquarter building.

The second thing mentioned about the incident where Downey Group was investigated because of the financial loopholes, causing thousands of people unemployed.

two events. The words used to describe the incident were quite sharp and mean. All the blame were attributed to Hayden, because she was the daughter of Brook Downey. She received the richest invisible inheritance, and this inheritance was received

seemed logically clear and organized, but it did not mention the key points at all. However, it integrated the recent Internet rumors and combined it together into a larger piece

Green Lemon Clothing Co.,

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face turned pale, “It’s all my fault. I didn’t deal with this matter earlier. I even said that I wanted to be ahead of them, but in

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the information age, trying to bring down a small company was almost a matter of the fingertips. So, when the company was first formed, she had set up a public relations department. Although Benson’s current experience was not enough to deal with it, she believed that he would experience and

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