President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 264: Tonight, Are You Coming In or Not?

After a night of dealing with public relations, despite the written clarification statement came out, the Internet rumors seem to have improved. They worked till past midnight only then they got off work.

Hayden and Dante came downstairs side by side, Benjamin had been waiting for her at the door for quite sometimes.

After he saw Benjamin, Dante nodded his head as a greeting and said to Hayden, “So, I’ll leave first. You take care on the way back.”

“Okay, thanks for your hard work.”

“Don’t mention it, but these two days, I suggest you to be extra careful. Get someone to accompany you whenever you are outside. Cyber violence is not a joke.” Dante had been through this, so he spoke with empathetic concern.

Hayden nodded, “Don’t worry.”

As she reached home, she saw the light in the living room was on and the house was quiet.

Not long after Hayden opened the door, Joseph walked out of the bedroom of the two children.

“All asleep?” Hayden asked subconsciously.

Joseph nodded, “Yes. How are things being handled?”

“You knew everything?”

Hayden put down her bag, changed her shoes and went to the kitchen to pour some tea.

Even people like Joseph who never surf the Internet knew about the news this time, that meant it was really a big deal.

“It’s hard for him to not know. I heard that the migrant workers in Downey Group were making trouble again. Downey Group was just a street away from ST Group, how could we not know?” Benjamin explained and sat down on the sofa.

Joseph glanced at him and followed Hayden into kitchen to help.

of tea were poured, one cup was placed in front of each person. The three of them

Joseph asked. He looked directly at

this, Benjamin frowned, “What investigation? How do you

Hayden. Then, right after the discussion on the Internet was controlled just now, someone immediately exposed the relationship between Downey Group,

he could naturally figure out all

so smart to think of all this, why didn’t you warn Hayden in

with a stance of seeing what he

articles of rumor, but you still can’t prevent other things from happening. Better a little loss than a long sorrow. It is better to face this problem when you just start your business. It will be worse if

don’t you just say that there’s nothing to

why don't you tell us what you actually found out.” This was indeed Joseph’s style. He

not convinced, he knew that this was not the time to play. He spoke solemnly, “When Hayden sent me the message, I was already at the door of

the desktop, “Later, I pieced together what the person in his phone had

tell me, what’s the problem you found?” Hayden didn’t listen to the recording, Time was flying, she didn’t have the time to compare

not wrong, Dante’s design draft was revealed by him to Yi-Pai’s side. I guess he probably wanted to leave the company a long

“What probabilities?”

Joseph’s voice sounded beside him, “He was left in Green Lemon Clothing by Yi-Pai’s people so that they could eavesdrop on your plan for public relations at any time.

Benjamin glared at Joseph in annoyance, “Are you

more likely to be the true reason?” Hayden simple ignored Benjamin and asked

not take such a big risk to continue to stay in Green Lemon Clothing. After all, once you have found out his betrayal, his resume will

it bluntly, he still has some use value to them. They want to use him to continue to lurk within Green Lemon Clothing. On the other hand, they simply do not

nodded in agreement,

you going to

keep Campbell first. Since his identity has been confirmed, and Yi-Pai still keeps him here, so why not make a

this matter requires

Late at night.

shower. When he walked to the door of the room, he stopped suddenly and

him, then he cast a glance to let him understand for

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