President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 265: A Girl Appeared by Mistake

Stella kept rattling on about last night during breakfast.

“The bed in our room was so small. Uncle Joseph didn’t even get to stretch his legs because he was so huge, and Noah got squeezed into a compact biscuit.”

Benjamin was eating porridge, and he almost got choked by the way Stella describe their room. He tried to hold it in, but he ended up spurted out porridge out of his nose.

Stella ran away from the table in fear.

“You’re gross, Uncle Benjamin.”

“I’m so sorry, Stella…”

Hayden lowered her head and tried to keep a straight face.

Hayden swore that she didn’t expect Joseph to sleep with the children after he got locked out of the room by Benjamin. The double-decker bed in that room was design for children ageing about twelve to thirteen years old.

Didn’t Joseph felt suffer to sleep in such a small space in his height?

“Do you feel that it’s funny?” Joseph looked at Hayden with a long face, “Last night…”

“I've done eating,” Hayden was afraid that Joseph would say anything that was child-inappropriate, so she quickly stood up and grabbed her bag, “I need to go back to the office. I didn’t read the news last night. Something might happen.”

Then, Hayden quickly left the scene without looking back.

The room became silent after Hayden shut the door. Stella left the table and returned to her room as well. Only Joseph and Benjamin were at the table.

“Don’t blame me. You said you didn’t want to get into the room last night, so I thought you would rather sleep on the couch than sleeping with me. Who knows you would go and sleep with the children?”

Benjamin blinked his eyes and acted innocent. Joseph’s face scrunched up, and he tried his very best to hold the thought of beating Benjamin up.

Benson came to Hayden’s office instantly after Hayden arrived at the office. He reported the changes in the netizen public opinion data last night.

seemed stable at the moment, but it was initially a slow time for public opinions from 12 am-midnight to 5 am-morning, so we shouldn’t depend entirely on the data we have now. I’m worried that the public’s response might

looked calm, “There’s no need for discussion. Go back to your work. Just

was talking. Hayden waved at him after she saw

saw a shadow

direction a cold glance and closed the door

and she is going to use Brook Downey’s will as a prove to deny her involvement with Downey

plan he eavesdropped

“I see. Thank you.”

that we knew about their last card, can I leave this

“Don’t rush.”


“I can’t.”

after the press conference. You won’t allow the press conference to held smoothly either, right? If I resign after Green Lemon Clothing announced bankruptcy,

is only normal if you leave after they are

it’s not like that. Mr. Barton,

it. I

“Hello? Mr. Barton…”

Campbell scratched his

Campbell was suspecting that the Yi-Pai Clothing wasn’t going to keep their

took time out of his schedule and came out of the office in the

he was surprised to see Joseph having lunch with the

you could have given me directions over the phone. You won’t need to come

it is quite near to

for him at all. It was just that Joseph came here purposely to have lunch, and so

manpower arrangement for the press

“It’s done.”

they can control the crowd. If anyone dares to start

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