President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 266: Hard to Explain

No wonder that girl was calling another person’s name that night.

Caesar made a mistake. The surrogate mother didn’t show up that night, so Caesar sent another girl into the room. After that, Caesar made that girl gave birth to the baby to cover up his mistake. Caesar was afraid that what he did might expose, so he fired the initial batch of bodyguards, then retired from the job.

Now everything is crystal clear.

“I’m afraid that Caesar might want to bring this secret into the coffin with him,” Magnus said heavy-heartedly.

“But somehow, this secret affected the benefit of somebody. These people went and questioned Caesar, and they knew we were suspecting about it. So they killed Caesar before we found out the truth. It was not an accident.”

“All in all, somebody didn’t want us to know that girl was a mistake.”

“That girl…”

“Look for her.”

Joseph frowned. He took a glance at Noah, who was focusing on his food, then whispered, “Take Noah’s DNA if it is necessary, and compare it to the DNA bank of Nanking.”

The truth was not plain at all. Joseph wasn’t interested in Noah’s birth mother at first, and he sure didn’t want her to show up around him, but now it seemed like it involved conspiracies. He needed to know the truth.

Magnus realized the significance of it. He nodded, “Sure. I’ll start looking now.”

It was two in the afternoon. The press conference from the Green Lemon was held in the DF Hotel Conference Hall. Many reporters attended the press conference. People knew about Hayden and Joseph, so they wanted to dig up some gossips.

Hayden was reading the script Benson gave her. It was only five minutes left before she needed to go onto the stage.

“Hey lady, you can’t break in like this.”

“Hey, what are you all doing? Call the police. Call the police…”

the outside of the lounge out of sudden. Just when Hayden thought

looking for

door opened

“Aunt Scarlett.”

She looked like she was in her 40s, although she was already in her

She entered the room and said, “Hayden, you don’t need to attend the press conference


script into the dustbin after taking a glance at what was written

saying all these. Those reporters are shameless. Brook was so irresponsible to

Hayden looked at

now Aunt Scarlett showed to stir her

talking about? Are you saying that my words aren’t as

voice rose when they were

“What’s wrong?”

were hugging her legs.

control. Hayden looked at Joseph, “Why did you bring them here? This is not a cocktail party. What are you

person and he wasn’t even your real father. You have

how to communicate with

understand,” Hayden felt like it was

guards and asked them to clear up the staff at the door. He then closed the door behind me,


the stage at the press conference. Hayden was sitting in the middle and Benson, the Public Relations Manager and Scarlett were sitting right next

reporters weren’t going to be kind to Hayden. Their first question was

daughter of the Downey family? Are you the daughter

in response to the

the incident and get to open a new company when all Downey members were affected? Is it true that Brook Downey had transferred his

in my father’s will belongs to me. I don't hold any share and I have never stepped foot into Downey Group before. It is hard to say

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