Rita paused, and then gave Kevin an inquiry look.

“I always got a feeling that Edison will agree to divorce with you that easily. I hope I am just being paranoid.” Kevin explained.

“I trust him.” Rita said with a smile.

It was then the car came to pick up Rita. Kevin opened the door for her.

“Alright then, get in. Be luck with you.”

Rita smiled back, “Thanks.”

Edison had been waiting for Rita for a while when she arrived at the French restaurant. Edison beckoned her when he caught sight of her.

Rita moved forward, sat down in front of Edison. They caught up for a while before they got into the main subject.

“We are going to submit our divorce petition tomorrow. This might be the last meal we have together as husband and wife.” Edison started.

“What? Are you sad about that?” Rita asked.

“Kind of.” He admitted. “But the divorce, it has to be done.”

“We’ll still be eating together, as friends. No worries.” Rita said, smiling.

“That’s true. Hope you won’t forget me.”

“I won’t, for a certainty.”

Brooding, Edison then added.

“Audition for the divorce lasts six months as the petition is submitted. If things go well, you need to be at the court by then.”


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She trusted Edison.

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Joseph’s confession surprised Rita.

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