President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 2: Teach Her a Lesson

“I’m sorry, little baby…” Hayden covered her tummy with a slightly reluctant look. As the operation was going to take place, the door of the operation room was suddenly kicked open after a loud bang. Men in black suits swarmed into the room, making the room crowded at once.

“Who, who are you?” It all happened too fast and the doctor and the nurses were shocked. Surgery knives dropped onto the operating table, waking up Hayden too. Without having the chance to react, one of the men who was walking to her straightly immobilized her and stabbed her with an anesthesia needle.

Looking at what happened before them, the doctor and nurses were all in a daze. The man who left last took out a stack of cash from his pocket and tossed it to the doctor while saying coldly, “This woman had never come here, got it?”

“Y… yes.” The doctor and the nurses all behaved in a jittery manner.

After the anesthetic effect had passed, Hayden woke up with a confused mind and realized she was in a luxurious bedroom. At the same time, someone had pushed the door open and entered. “Are you awake? Ms. Downey.” The comer was a middle-aged man. He was carrying a tray full of delicate dishes. Seeing Hayden watching him with alert, he let out a smile.

felt more and more suspicious as she did not even know

an accident.” They had actually gotten the wrong person! The butler said apologetically, “Mr. Beckham did not want to go after the matter, but what we never think of is

horrible man! “How could he do this!

suspected to cheat in stock, its stock price plunged today, how would the Downey Group solve the problem?” Hayden snatched the newspaper over and her face went cadaverous after reading it. She glared at the butler in rage and yelled, “Mr. Beckham did

butler said, “Ms. Downey, as long as you give birth to the child, not only that the Downey Group would be fine,

a document silently. Hayden struggled for a long while as she looked at the document. She finally gritted her teeth and made her decision. “I’ll sign it!” The butler

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