Five years later, at the First Airport of City N, a young man was walking out of the pick-up channel and he had stood out among the crowd. He was wearing a black shirt and trousers. His lips below the brown sunglasses were pursed and he looked exceptionally unfriendly and unapproachable.

Seeing him coming out, his assistant who had been waiting outside quickly went to him and took his baggage while asking carefully, “Sir, little Noah has not eaten anything for the whole day, shall we go back to the mansion first?”

“Why are you only telling me this now?” The man’s frigid voice sounded as if he was going to lose temper later and the assistant’s legs trembled. Everybody in the Beckham house knew that little Noah was Mr. Beckham’s dearest heart and he had protected him in all ways to avoid him getting harm. Even Mr. Beckham did not even dare to speak any louder when he talked to him and it was conceivable how much Mr. Beckham loved him. However…

distract you, therefore I didn’t contact you via phone call, and

but they were slowly changing to green as observed by naked eyes, even the atmosphere of the surrounding was becoming tenser bit by bit. Having seen that,

to lose his job! “When did I ever give you permission to make decision

eyebrows and he bent down, picking it up. “Mister, that’s

eyes on her. He felt weird. It was the first time he met this little girl, but why

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