“I don’t like to eat that, but my son loves it,” Joseph said. He took out a box of chocolate from the shopping bag and it was the same brand. “I’ve bought a lot for my son. I can give you one of them.”

Stella’s eyes gleamed when she saw the boxes of chocolate, but she hesitated. “But, mommy said I shouldn’t take stranger’s things. But…” Her black eyes rolled and she tipped her toes, coming close to Joseph. She gave him a kiss on the face and took over the box of chocolate. “This should be fine!” Joseph was startled, but a smile broke on his lips. The assistant was breaking out cold sweats. He glimpsed at the time and reminded him. “Sir, it’s time…”

“Okay. Then I guess we should say bye now, little fella.” Joseph stood up and left with his assistant. “Bye! Mister!” Stella waved her hand at his back. She thought that not only the strange man was handsome, he was kind-hearted too.

“Stella Downey!” Hearing a woman’s angry voice from behind, Stella’s face contorted and she thought she was doomed. The next thing she knew, the woman came close to her and gave her a slap on her hips with an angry look. “Didn’t I ask you to stay there? Why did you keep running around?”

was carrying a box of chocolate in her

quickly covered her hips. She

“Ten minutes!”

is too long, why can’t mommy care

the time if you bargain with me any

no longer dared uttering a word. She curled her lips

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